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Tuesday Links (10 May 11)

Seems I’ve fallen behind in my links. Some of these are a little old and might taste funny, but they won’t make you sick or anything…

Friday Links (29 Apr 11)

Two quick notes about comments: I love the discussion that’s happening every day and I’m especially glad to see so many new names in there this year. Time constraints make it difficult for me to jump in as often as I’d like, but I do read everything and get inspired by what you have to [...]

Gardenhire’s Cat

As you may have surmised from the title of this blog, I’m a big fan of quirky baseball terminology. With that in mind, I’ve got an idea for a phrase we should start using. Physics has Schrodinger’s cat. Baseball should have Gardenhire’s cat. This term would be used to describe seemingly irrelevant details provided in [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Derek and the Dominoes

My latest at Hardball Times concludes the four-part series that offers an alternate version of the 1987 draft based on what we know now (took me long enough, eh?). There isn’t much of a Padres angle in this installment, although Derek Bell makes an appearance. Remember when the Padres stuck Bell at third base in [...]

If Familiarity Breeds Contempt, Then What Does Success Breed?

Have you ever noticed how the more you win, the more the little things irritate? Like watching the bullpen implode toward the end of Monday night’s victory against the Cubs. I should be happy with the win, right? I mean, before the season, if you’d told me the Padres would notch their 70th victory on [...]

Friday Links (18 Jun 10)

Something old, something new… something something, something blue… San Diego Padres 2010 Draft Recap (College Splits). What the title says, with links to all kinds of juicy data. On fifth-round pick Rico Noel: “In three years, he’s been a wizard in the field; his 15 total runs above average in center is the sixth-best defensive [...]

Tweaking the Padres Draft Process

I don’t have much to say about Wednesday night’s loss, so maybe instead we can continue our earlier discussion on the 2007 draft. Among other things, we now know that third-rounder Tommy Toledo and 10th-rounder Christian Colon didn’t sign. Rich at Baseball Analysts has a full breakdown of the first round, including bonuses. One thing [...]