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Two quick notes about comments:

  1. I love the discussion that’s happening every day and I’m especially glad to see so many new names in there this year.
  2. Time constraints make it difficult for me to jump in as often as I’d like, but I do read everything and get inspired by what you have to say.

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  1. Jones points to Latos being less aggressive, Kraskovic suggests the possibility of dead arm from being overused last season. I have heard Bud Black and Latos himself talk more about trouble locating his pitches. If he’s unable to locate his mid-90′s pitches on the corners and the results are leaving the ballpark, then yeah he’s going to be less aggressive in using those pitches. I don’t know if dead arm from last season is behind his location problems unless he’s altering his delivery to compensate for some discomfort. I remain hopeful that it’s just a mechanical issue with his delivery that they can work out.

  2. One JoePos link leads to lots of reading …

    This one about the Royals and payroll really resonates with me …

    … ie. I wish the Padres (and all clubs) would stop wasting big bucks on players that are not good … with the caveat that I understand that sometimes it’s hard to tell a player is not good until after you’ve signed him to a contract.

  3. So it seems that nobody is saying what is painfully obvious to me: that Nick Hundley screwed up on the bases on both of the “disputed” infield-fly plays. Both during the game and on the post-game, the guys talked about the rules and the defensive strategy.

    But the thing is, in both cases, if Hundley had just stayed glued to the bag, it would’ve been one out, not a DP (well, on the second one, the Dodgers may have had a shot at throwing out the guy at first, but Hundley made it an easy DP).

    I love Hundley. He’s arguably my favorite position player on the Pads. So I’m not trying to run him down. It’s just that when a player screws up like that, I think it needs to be pointed out.

  4. Wow, that collision in the Ft Wayne Wizard OF a couple of weeks has really turned tragic …

    Williams will miss the rest of the season after surgery to repair a tear in the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee.

    Williams and Tate were injured when they collided while chasing a fly ball during the first week of the low Single-A season at Fort Wayne.

    Cumberland is being treated for vertigo; Oramas has been bothered by spasms in his neck.

    The Padres are hoping that Tate and Oramas will return to action around June 1.

    … and Cumberland’s vertigo situation sounds very serious also :-(

  5. Mosely with a W? Be still my heart!!!

    Hey, GY, dust off some of the “May” stories from a couple of years ago when the Padres were unbeatable in May … let’s do that again!

    And I don’t know much to trust Leitner and his radio buddy, but they said Hawpe is looking better … can that be?

  6. not that i’d notice but perhaps Hawpe got a new haircut or something to be looking better…

    oh, man, Cumberland just can’t catch a break, if not one thing is another that puts his career once again in neutral gear. Wow, i hope Williams will get better.

    didn’t see the Hundley baserunning but if that’s true, he probably was called out by the coaches already…i hope.

    new may like old may, LM? can’t be worse than april.

  7. re: last year … RS/RA = 115/79 on 5/2/2011 … 84/96 this year … ie. it’s not just the offense that’s worse this year … easy to forget how lights-out the pitching was last year …

  8. LM: let’s not get carried away. Not very often that a team managed to pitch light out a la Padres’ April 2010. Both Giants and Cardinals were better at run preventions than the Padres in the same month. Of course, see Giants’ pitching in Sept ’10 and be awed.

    The pitchers gave up 17 more runs than last year’s staff in April, that’s approximately about 25% more. Had the offense in last month only about 25% worse than last year’s 115 RS, the team would’ve scored about 23 fewer runs, putting the team RS/RA at about 92/96 this year, with the record being closer to .500.

    So, yeah, the pitching is worse as expected but the offense is even worse than expected. For a better comparison, see Mariners’ record April ’10 to Padres’ April ’11, and understand why the two teams are ‘natural rivals’. We are trying to ‘better’ their terrible season from 2010…and on pace.

    On a positive note, the Padres beat the Dodgers on the road.

  9. oops, that should have been ‘expected record being closer to .500′ – editor.

  10. on the win – nice but disconcerting:
    The Padres scored their seven runs despite going 26 consecutive batters without a hit from the second inning, after they scored three runs off Dodger starter Jon Garland, into the ninth. (Dodgers Thought)