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Friday Links (28 Mar 08)

Is it my imagination, or are these weekly link roundups becoming a tad unwieldy? Would it be better to do a link post every day or two (not as a substitute for my normal daily thing, but in addition to it)? Let me know what you think… Mike Bauman at Padres.com notes that Jake Peavy [...]

OBG08: Jake Peavy

Before we get to the projections, a quick note on the Khalil Greene deal that happened over the weekend. I’ve already discussed Greene’s situation at length, so I’ll just say now that I’m glad both sides worked together to get something done. The contract isn’t as long as I (or the Padres) would have liked, [...]

Friday Links (1 Feb 08)

Before I forget, friend of Ducksnorts Steve Poltz has released his latest CD, Traveling (as mentioned in our interviews with him), and it’s a solid effort. If you think I’m saying that just because Steve gave Ducksnorts a shout-out at last week’s in-store at Lou’s, then you don’t know me as well as I thought [...]

Peavy Wins Cy Young

Congratulations to Jake Peavy on winning the 2007 National League Cy Young Award! Peavy joins Randy Jones, Gaylord Perry, and Mark Davis as the only Padres ever to do so.

Chris Young, Development of Tall Pitchers, and Enjoying the View

Back before the season started we were trying to get a handle on some of the unknown new Padres, among them right-hander Chris Young. Spurred by a Bruce Bochy quote, I asked whether tall pitchers take longer to develop. What I found at the time is that “there isn’t real solid evidence that taller pitchers [...]