Peavy Wins Cy Young

Jake Peavy

Congratulations to Jake Peavy on winning the 2007 National League Cy Young Award! Peavy joins Randy Jones, Gaylord Perry, and Mark Davis as the only Padres ever to do so.

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  1. Congrats to our Jake!

    GY – nice baseball card … thanks!

  2. And it was unanimous. Congrats to Peavy. Hopefully these extension talks go somewhere and we can look forward to him staying a Padre for many more years.

  3. Woohoo! Unanimous thats Awesome!

  4. As one of about 40K who saw Jake’s major league debut against the Yankees, I’m very pleased to have been witness to him fulfilling the potential we all saw that day. Congratulations to Jake!

    Now, if he really does sign an extension… Wouldn’t that be an incredible thing for them to announce in the next few days? I’m much more optimistic than I was in July.

    I’ll be at the press conference today at 4 pm and will have my camera. Check San Diego Spotlight for photos later, and if Geoff can’t get there and wants photos for DS… hey buddy, all you have to do is ask.

    Great day to be a Padre fan.

  5. go Jaaake, go, Jaaake!

  6. It’s always nice to see the voters get something right.

  7. The only people disappointed are those working in airport security in Mobile.

  8. GY, did you deliberately post the Peavy link in the Poltz thread at #44?

    I don’t ever recall hearing this before, but thinking about Peavy, #44 and his being from Mobile, has anyone ever heard Jake say whether he chose his number as a tribute to fellow Mobile native Hank Aaron? I know Jake is one of those guys who does have an appreciation for baseball history and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if that is why he chose it.

  9. #2: You’re welcome, LM. The card makes for a nice reminder of my trip to Cooperstown. :-)

    #5: Thanks, Rich; much appreciated. As you say, it’s a great day to be a Padre fan.

    #9: Uh, yeah, I, uh, meant to do that…

  10. Congratulations to Jake. It’s really gratifying to see a homegrown player win the CY in such a decisive fashion. Even better would be the announcement of a contract extension at the press conference. If not, this really helps his trade value, now maybe Boston will take him straight up for Coco Crisp.

    I think the Jim Edmonds talk is more posturing from KT, just like the Hairston in CF comment. He’s probably working some team for a CF and trying to show he’s not as desperate as it seems. Edmonds is a decent safety net if we can’t get anyone else but I’m sure he’s not anywhere near the top of the list.

  11. Anthony, you forgot to put the word wicked in your email. Now I know you are from bean-town. ;>)

  12. Anthony, sorry, it should be “in your post”

  13. This is great!

    Just curious, but how many times previously was it won unanimously?

  14. Uh oh, Keith Law is out to make us mad again:

    Jason (Philly): Who is the better SD prospect, Matt Antonelli or Chase Headley?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (1:36 PM ET ) Headley is an everyday player. Antonelli’s a utility guy. I know the Padres think Headley can hit in the middle of the order – I don’t see him as having that kind of power, but his strong plate discipline would make him a great #2 hitter.

    Hey, at least he likes Headley well enough. And to his credit he did recognize that Justin Masterson and Coco Crisp weren’t quite enough to get Peavy.

    Later in the chat he clarifies:
    eric nj: You called Antonelli a utility player. Isn’t he the best 2B prospect out there?

    SportsNation Keith Law: (2:18 PM ET ) He’s not very good defensively at second. He could end up in centerfield; he has the raw speed for it.

    Based on reports he’s heard of Kyle Blanks, he likes him a lot. So I would say Law doesn’t irrationally hate all Padres prospects, he just doesn’t like Antonelli.

  15. 15 … saying “he just doesn’t like Antonelli” is an over-statement … I’ll bet he has a higher opinion of “utility guy”s than you do, that’s all. And I’m OK with under-hyping our prospects … the good ones anyway … there’s no way I want the Padres to trade Antonelli … so why worry if he’s under-hyped … I’d rather he sneak up on folks :-)

    Here’s a fun fact: Jake Peavy has still never gotten a 2nd place nor 3rd place vote for the NL Cy Young Award :-)

  16. 16: That is a fun fact…

  17. re 14:

    Jake is the ninth N.L. pitcher to win it unanimously, and this is the twelfth occurrence of it. Sandy Koufax did it three times and Greg Maddux twice. Other unanimous selections in the N.L. were Bob Gibson, Steve Carlton, Rick Sutcliffe, Dwight Gooden, Orel Hershiser and Randy Johnson.

    Not bad company, that…

  18. RE: Anthony at 11:
    “Even better would be the announcement of a contract extension at the press conference.”

    It would be very difficult for me to maintain any professional decorum if they do so. *grin* Seriously, I think that is asking for too much. I know you have to Dare To Dream, but that would be unreal.

  19. Hey Keith Law
    Ask the people in Springfield how bad Antonelli is at 2nd after that playoff series. All the people were talking about how great he was. How the hell can you comment about someone when you probably have never seen him play or at least havnt seen him 2nd half of the year. You read what people say and then comment. Your a phony and always will be

  20. Congrats to our boy. I’m bummed I couldn’t have been here as soon as it happened, but I do have a wedding to prep for.

    Now lock him up long term and I’ll be an extremely happy Padre fan.

  21. Jack made the same point I was going to make: How many times has Law seen Matt play? I’m not saying Law is one of those internet “experts” that just regurgitates the opinions of others but there are a lot of those guys around and that’s how players get tagged with labels, like Barfield was a bad fielder and maybe was going to need to switch to centerfield. These players are young and still developing but a lot of times the consensus opinion doesn’t develop with them.

    On what evidence is Law basing his comment about Matt’s defense? A scouting report shortly after he was moved to 2nd? A box score that showed a couple of errors? Advanced defensive metrics from the minor leagues? We can’t even agree on the defensive abilities of our major league shortstop, who we watch every night, how can Law pass judgment on Matt’s glove?

    I realize it’s just his opinion but take what he (and every other writer) says about a prospect with a grain of salt. Maybe if they start identifying unknown guys who turn out to be stars with some regularity, then we’ll pay attention.

  22. 20 … go get ‘im, Jack!

    Personally, I like what I’ve read from Keith Law over the years … and in this case, I just think he’s being cautious, trying to be “realistic” (ie. not all players who have done what Matt’s done since being drafted have gone on to being All-Star 2B-men in MLB) … he’s been a member of an MLB front-office, so I think that “phony” is too harsh … he’s got a gig with ESPN, that means something to me … folks here quote him often, so it does seem like we care what he says/writes … I’m not in SD very often, so I don’t listen to “Coach” or “Werndle” often enough to know much about them, but they seem to be more “phony”-like …

    Jack – here’s an idea … assuming Matt starts out 2008 as a Beaver, then let’s keep an eye out for Poltz doin’ a gig at Mississippi Studios in Portland and go to that and a Beaver game with him! Now that’d be a Ducksnort-y day :-)