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Winter Leagues Begin

Yeah, the Hawaii Winter League has been going for a while, but the Padres don’t have any entrants there, so what do we care. The Arizona Fall League and Mexican Winter League both begin Tuesday. I think I’ve tracked down all the Padres playing there, but let me know if I’ve missed anyone… Arizona Fall [...]

Table Scraps

I’m heading out to Phoenix to catch the AFL championship on Saturday, so this will be real short. Bust out the bullet points… Padres add seven to 40-man roster (Yahoo). Depending on what other moves the Padres make this winter, Brad Baker is a good bet to see material time with the big club in [...]

Padres in the Arizona Fall League

New favorite piece of spam: “I have visited your site and I think that design looks not good now.” Note to self: Sending unsolicited e-mail telling a potential customer what a lousy job they are doing is not conducive to doing business. It is, shall we say, “not good now.” Very briefly, here’s an update [...]

Looking for Alternate Routes from San Diego to Las Vegas

Well, I won’t be making it to the AFL this year, but I am planning to meet up with family in Vegas later this month. Inspired by Neil Peart’s Ghost Rider (an interesting read for Rush fans but probably not for others), I figured I might try an alternate route. In my quest to find [...]

Brock2 Projections for Eight Rising Stars

Once again, I’ve been playing with Bill James’ Brock2 player projection system. Thought I’d take a look at some young, up-and-coming hitters and see what the future might hold for them. As always, bear in mind that even James acknowledged that this system is more of a toy than a tool. But it’s a heckuva [...]