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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together

If Tuesday night’s opener provides any indication, this series in Los Angeles is going to be tough. Sure, the final score was 9-4, but the Dodgers just would not go away. The Padres even had to get Trevor Hoffman up and warming at the end. Jake Gets It Done Jake Peavy came back strong after [...]

Learning to Drive

Hard to offer meaningful commentary on a game that wasn’t televised. I assume from the 10 runs and five homers that the offense performed well. Either that or Micah Owings pitched like… well, you get the idea. Padres at Ballhype As you know, I’ve been doing some work with Ballhype of late. Just wanted to [...]

Peavy Ties Benes, Bullpen (Barely) Holds On to Beat Mets

Nice to hang on for the win Wednesday night (box score). Congrats to Jake Peavy for tying Andy Benes’ career mark for strikeouts by a Padres pitcher. The game wasn’t without its white-knuckle moments, aka the ninth inning. Several folks have noted that the Padres are having difficulty closing out games, and I’m happy (or [...]

Friday Links (6 Jul 07)

Adrian Gonzalez is very much ready for the All-Star break, and so am I. Light on the links today. Enjoy… On day Padres’ Young becomes All-Star, pitcher decides to start suspension (ESPN, via Steve C in the comments). Pretty self-explanatory. Glad to see Chris Young make the All-Star team. I don’t care one whit about [...]

Brian Guile

Seeing Brian Giles reach base three times in the leadoff spot and score two of the Padres’ three runs Monday night (recap | box score) is great. Seeing how he did it is even better. In the first inning, Marlins right-hander Sergio Mitre retired Giles on three pitches. Call it a mulligan. Next time up, [...]

Philosophy Makes My Head Hurt

My degree is in English (hey, it’s my native tongue), but I minored in philosophy. I finished six units shy of a double major. Then, just before my senior year, my head exploded. We’re speaking in metaphors here. I’m okay, thanks for asking. Philosophy isn’t without its uses. As a discipline, it can be a [...]

Padres Walk to Victory

I don’t mean to sound like a sore winner, but when you put 17 guys on base, you really need to score more than four runs. We’ll take the victory, of course, it’s just that this game shouldn’t have been close (recap | box score). Chris Young looked terrific, allowing just two runs over six [...]

Get Luckier

The fact that we’re all frustrated by a 13-13 start speaks volumes about how far this franchise has come in a very short time. That doesn’t make us feel any better after another stupid loss (recap | box score), of course, but it’s something. I don’t have the stomach to sit through the game again, [...]

Seventeen Innings of Solitude

Another gut-wrenching loss on Sunday (recap | box score). For the third time in five starts, David Wells didn’t look sharp at all. His final line wasn’t horrible; then again, “wasn’t horrible” is hardly the standard by which starters on a contending team should be measured. To their credit, the Padres picked up Wells and [...]

Friday Links (27 Apr 07)

That was a frustrating series in Phoenix. After losing a heartbreaker on Wednesday, there didn’t seem to be a lot of energy Thursday night (recap | box score). Other than the Adrian Gonzalez three-run homer in the first, the Padres looked completely flat against Livan Hernandez and the Diamondbacks. Oh well, today’s another day. In [...]