Parting Thoughts from Matt Vasgersian

As you know by now, Matt Vasgersian is leaving the Padres after seven years to join the new MLB Network as its first studio host. Since Matt has been such a part of our lives over those seven years, I thought it might be nice to get some parting words from the man himself, and he agreed. Take it away, Matt…

I really hope that the Friar Faithful can survive what looks to be a lean couple of years. The reality of baseball is that all this is cyclical (any Springsteen fans? … “Everything that dies someday comes back” … “Atlantic City” from the Nebraska album).

To those who enjoyed the last seven years with me — thanks very much. Ours is an industry where everyone thinks they can do this job and most people have strong opinions, so your support means a lot.

It’s been a lot of fun interacting on Ducksnorts the last few years. If nothing else I hope I’ve conveyed that I know what it’s like to be passionate about your team — to more often than not have your heart broken and to occasionally bask in the glow of victory.

To paraphrase to the great John Kruk … “Lady, I ain’t no broadcaster — I’m a fan.”

Thanks, Matt. We’re all fans, too. Best of luck!

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  1. interacting? Does Matty V have a super secret ducksnorts name that we dont know about?

    We will miss hearing you and mud every night Matty (you make padres games bearable), I’m really glad that you are going to a place where we can still watch you work!

  2. I was actually ok with a few rebuilding years, knowing we’d still have the Matt & Mud show to keep us entertained during those long nights in June when the Pads are getting blown out repeatedly. Talk about a hard act to follow…

    Matt leaving is harder to take than Khalil and Jake being traded.

    Good luck Matt, and thanks for taking a job with the MLB Network so most of us will still be able to enjoy your work.

  3. Matt,
    It’s been an absolute pleasure listening to you and Grant during the past few years of Padre baseball. I’ll miss you greatly during this upcoming season but wish you all the best of luck.

  4. I happened to hear Matty V at his best one night driving home listing to Scott Ferrall’s show on Sirius. It was great to hear him when he was totally free to speak his mind. He was hilarious and potty-mouthed. And one of his last great accomplishments in San Diego was working in a Bababooey reference (complete with Tatatoothy addendum) during a game late in the season.

    So long Matt, your fun outlook will be missed during these rebuilding years. I hope the MLB treats you well!

  5. Matt: I’ll second what’s been already said. It was great listening to your broadcasts. We’ll miss you, and good luck in NYC!

  6. Man, I will really miss him. His reference to Bruce Springsteen makes me like him even more (pretty big Springsteen fan myself).

  7. Matty!! Who the heck is going to keep Mud in line….or was it the other way around? HA!

    I can’t blame you for leaving this great city. I know it’s a once in a lifetime adventure.

    Best of luck to you. Have fun!!