Padres Sign Five Top International Prospects

I never think of the future. It comes soon enough.

–Albert Einstein

I’m no Einstein, but I certainly think of the future. So, apparently, do the Padres. As threatened, they have proven to be major players in this year’s international market.

In our recent discussion with Sandy Alderson, he indicated that the Padres hoped to “sign some players that we think are a cut above what we’ve been able to sign in previous years,” and that’s precisely what they’ve done.

On July 2, the Padres, who have been criticized in the past for not investing as heavily in amateur talent as they might, shelled out $5 million on five players: RHP Adis Portillo, SS Alvaro Aristy, OF Luis Domoromo, INF/OF Corey Adamson, and RHP Elvin Tavarez. Baseball America‘s Ben Badler and the Padres’ own Paul DePodesta offer their thoughts on the quintet.

Adamson hails from Australia, while the other four all ranked among the top 10 Latino prospects of 2008 according to an article penned by ESPN’s Enrique Rojas last month. Bearing in mind that these kids are 16 years old and a long way from the big leagues, this is a pretty nice haul, especially for a franchise that typically hasn’t been at (or anywhere near) the forefront of the international market.

Whether this young talent turns into anything of value down the line remains to be seen. Still, the club appears to be making an honest effort. Hey, it’s a start…

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  1. #49@Kevin: One of these days I will meet your expectations. Until then………?

  2. Everyone will love Hundley

  3. #51@parlo: It’s all good. The only good example I came up with — Marcus Giles — came right from “The Bill James Gold Mine.”

  4. I wish there was a game tonight.

  5. #7@Peter Friberg: Great news about Venable. When do you think that the Pads will move him up ?

  6. re: Nothing Night. I’m curious about this and always thought it was a strange concept. However, can they pull a prank and made a no game night only to play a doubleheader the next day? I meat, it is Nothing Night…not even a game.

  7. #30@Paul R: He has also put up years in the minors that really werent so great and had more AB’s in those years. 2003/2006/2008 and his years in the minors. He has potential to be good, but also the potential to be bad seems just as likely.