How to Start Your Very Own Crazy Rumor

We’ve been hearing some crazy rumors this spring. As a public service to those who haven’t been able to concoct one of their own, here’s a little template that might help:

Hey, I noticed that [small- or mid-market team] just lost [position player, pitcher, etc.]. Looks like he’ll be out [multiply actual expected time by two or three, depending on taste], and they could really use [crappy guy on large-market team who plays same position]. What about [small- or mid-market team's best prospect] for [crappy guy]? That would totally make sense. That would be wicked pissah!

You’re welcome.

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  1. #35: You aren’t alone in your thinking. My prediction is 83-79, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the wheels came off and resulted in 72-90.

    I said as much to both Geoff, and LynchMob in Peoria last weekend, but I suspect that they thought I wasa out of my mind.

  2. 51 … I suspect no such thing … I’m quite confident of it, in fact!

    otoh, even at 72-90, the Padres would still finish 10 games up on the Gi’nts … so they’ve got that goin’ for ‘em …

    OT … a look at “Injury Return Rates” …

  3. 51: I don’t really see the wheels coming off except in the case of injuries. Last year we had a season-high losing streak of 4 and I have to give credit to Jake Peavy and Chris Young. Peavy gave up 2 earned runs or less in 23 of 34 starts last season and we know that CY has the same kind of potential. Whenever you have 2 starters who are consistent shutout threats, it’s hard to get into too much of a rut. If CY had stayed healthy last year I think we would have made the playoffs and had a good shot at the World Series. Basically if our core players stay healthy I think we can plug-and-play a little bit in LF and CF and still be playing ball in October.

  4. 53: Good points about the two big guns helping to prevent extended losing streaks. But I think it was Joe Sheehan who pointed out in a chat the other day he’d hate to be a flyball pitcher with the OF we’re likely to be running out there this year. There are two definite things about Petco so far, imo: 1. It suppresses offense; and 2. It places a premium on OF defense. I don’t like either side of that equation as it relates to our likely OF for 2008.