Thank You, Mr. Giles

San Diego Padres outfielder Brian Giles

Analysis is cheap, season-saving home runs are not. Thank you, Brian Giles, for keeping our hope alive (box score). Thanks also to Joe Thatcher for getting out of a bases-loaded jam in the seventh, to Brady Clark for dropping a bloop single down the right-field line in the ninth, to Oscar Robles for drawing a walk after being a strike away from ending the game, and to the entire team for giving us all reason to cheer during the season’s final week.

I don’t know who half these guys are either, but they’re ours. Rock on…

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  1. The last time Peavy went on 3 days rest (Sept 5 in Arizona) he had thrown only 99 pitches on 9/1 and 114 on 8/27. So if the reason he pitched poorly was because he didn’t have his normal rest, it wasn’t the previous start that did it but more likely the one before that. In his last game he threw 110 pitches which isn’t much different than the last time he tried it. So unless they jump into a huge lead early and can take him out after 80 pitches I’d be wary of starting him on 3 days rest again on Sunday.

    Or we can say that him getting shelled by the D-backs that game was just a fluke and it was just a matter of time before he pitched poorly on the road — 13 runs allowed before that start, 8 in that game.

  2. Someone at McCovey Chronicles posted a photo that captures Klesko in the midst of his masturbatory HR pose. That production looks even worse in a non-SD uni.

  3. I tend to be oblivious to personality sentiments, so I’d be excited to have Bonds, and I’d love to keep Bradley. The spotty playing time would be my only concern. Admittedly myopic of me.

  4. Kind of a random side note, I noticed in the old Bonds thread someone mentioned that Adrian would ground into a ton of double plays with Bonds getting on base in front of him. Interestingly, this year Adrian has been one of the best in baseball at avoiding DPs. According to BPro, he’s 4th in the league in NetDPs avoided. He’s done this by striking out a bunch and not hitting many ground balls.

    San Diego as a team is actually fifth in baseball in net DPs avoided.

  5. KG in Colorado, 2003 – 2007:

    .340 / .414 / .708

  6. 55: without checking the numbers, I suspect SD are one of the strongest TTO teams.


  7. In his career in Colorado, Greene averages a homerun every 12 AB and an XBH every 5.1 AB. That is in 162 PA.

    Prorated to 600 AB: 204 hits, 129 runs, 62 doubles, 50 homeruns, 142 RBI.
    He even walks 3 times for every 4 strikeouts.

    Obviously, sample size applies, but WOW.

    totals are from adding up KG’s Coors stats from

  8. Breathing again… check
    Pulse normal… check
    Voice back…. check
    What a great game last night. That was one of the hardest hit balls that I have ever seen OG hit.

    I’m stating it right here. LynchMob has fallen off. Per his email. I am so disappointed, although he will call it realism, I call it “chicken” and “ye of little faith”. They don’t call them Friars for nothing.

  9. I still can’t get over the HR from the Suntanned Superman. That was just epic!

  10. Talking about the possibility of the Dodgers trading Kemp for a veteran outfielder I had a great idea. The Padres should trade Giles to the Dodgers for Kemp, play him in CF, sign Bonds and re-sign Bradley. That way when Bradley returns the Padres could have an all-black OF and become Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton’s team!

    On second thought, maybe that’s not a good idea….

  11. 47: Why did you have respect for Scanlan in the first place. When i hear him say Audree-on it makes me cringe

  12. 62: Scanlan showed up at GLB the other day to address that. According to his response, he does it out of respect to Adrian and his family, as that is the traditional way to pronounce his name.

  13. 63: Thats cool that he showed up and explained it, but the way Scan pronounces it me makes it sound Canadian not Mexican. If thats how Adrian wanted it wouldnt you think the PA announcer at Petco would say it that way?

  14. I dont know if this has been brought up or if anyone noticed, but this weekend’s series is on ESPN friday night and FOX saturday afternoon.

  15. 62: Good point. His “correct” pronounciation has always stuck out to me, so far as to call it pretentious. Yeah, why doesn’t the man himself say it that way? Maybe Scan thinks Adrian’s whitewashed his heritage. (OK, now I’m just being flip.)

  16. Phillies score in the first and are up 1-0 on Atlanta. Arizona-Pittsburgh is scoreless in the bottom of the second. Mets are up 3-0 on the Nats in the top of the second.

  17. Other note: interesting lookback on a couple of failed Padres.

    I never get the first one but wasn’t too surprised by the second.

  18. As one of the few Padres fans here who lives in the SF Bay area, I have to say that I’d be really disappointed if the Padres signed Bonds. He is a genuinely unlikeable guy. It’s not like with Milton Bradley where you hear things like “he’s a nice guy 95% of the time but can be hot headed at times”. There are no caveats: he’s just not a good person, and beyond that he’s increasingly lazy. He’s a nightmare in the clubhouse. He seems to be a loving father and son, and that’s the extent of the good things I’ve heard about him as a person.

    And yes, he is not the only person who has ever used steroids. But he would be the first Padre ever signed IN SPITE of using steroids, and the first ever signed who has lied over and over again about using them, even smugly so. He isn’t Jason Giambi. Kevin Towers has said that ignoring his beliefs on Caminiti is one of the biggest regrets of his life: why would he ignore that for Bonds’ sake, the most famous cheater in modern baseball history (whether that mantle is deserved or not)?

    Beyond that, I’d rather see the Padres continue to build, continue to add long-term pieces to the roster instead of one year rentals. I’m sick of the old guys/young guys model, and don’t think it’s too much to ask for a few quality players in their prime. Maybe Kouz, Antonelli and Headley can be those guys, but why not add more guys along those lines instead of banking on the health of a 42/3 year old outfielder?

  19. 69: Well said

  20. The Padres WILL NOT sign Bonds.

  21. 68 … thanks for the links, Didi … interesting look-backs …

    59 … thanks for “check”ing in, SDG … my faith is deep … let’s say it is currently looking beyond 2007 :-)

  22. We won’t sign Bonds. Too many San Diegans dislike him. He’ll be a Padre when “W” is president of France.

  23. 69: Guys in their prime are nice, but where do they come from? What good players in their primes are available this offseason?

  24. D-backs game @ Pitt in a rain delay … hmmm ….

  25. Teix with a 2-run shot … Braves pull to within 4-2 of Phils …

  26. Why we’re feeling woozie…
    care of BP Playoff Odds Report… chance of Padres making the playoffs:
    Sept 14: 51.3%
    Sept 21: 83.4
    Sept 25: 31.7
    Sept 26: 48.9

  27. If the Phils and Col win, the padres have to win. If the phils and Col loose, and the pads loose, nothing changes most or less. If Phils loose, Col wins and Padres loose, Col is in first by a game and hoping Dogs have some self respect left. IOWs, if the Padres match the wins and loses of the Phils/Col we take the WC. Am I stating the obvious? I’m good at that.

  28. Gamedaying the Phillies game. Pathetic.

  29. 79: Its on ESPN if you are near a TV

  30. It will take more than 4 runs to win the Braves/Phillies game … that one is *far* from over … the Braves have some real & hot hitters … they are the team that “if they make the playoffs, could win it all” …

  31. 81: The Phillies have hotter hitters. Pretty much any team in the NL race could end up in the WS

  32. I was looking at the stats that Morgan Ensberg has against the Brewers. Not very good and not good in that park. I was hoping that Mo would be another bat for Pepe Negro to use. Guess not.

    Jason Lane, though, is pretty decent but he hasn’t been hitting the whole year so I’m cannot count on his stats either.

    It’ll be a tough series on the road. I hope the Padres will score more than 6 runs a game since the pitching after Peavy is suspect.

    First thing first, beat the Gigantes tonight! Go Padres!!!

  33. Right now, I’m kinda liking that Pittsburg traded for Matt Morris …

  34. 81,82: hmmm….like in good looking and better looking hitters?
    What is this? The View?

  35. 84 … Bucs up 2-0 on D-Backs …

  36. Victorino just homered for the Phils, Royce Ring is warming up for teh Braves, interesting

  37. 87 … speaking of former Padres, Piazza HR’d tonight …

  38. Nats just took the lead on the Mets 7-6

  39. Nats up 7-6 on Mets in 5th … yummy!

  40. Cards up on Brew-ha’s … that’s a good thing! Every little bit helps!

  41. Let the boos reign down in Shea.

  42. Bases loaded, one out in the bottom of the fourth in Pittsburgh. Pirates up 3-0, looking for more.

  43. And Adam LaRoche grounds into a double play. On to the fifth, 3-0 Pirates.

  44. We need the Braves to pull through