Jenga, Jenga, Jenga

Oh well, we knew it was only a matter of time

It is clear that Milton Bradley has problems. Still, just because you’re crazy doesn’t mean they’re not out to make you crazy.

On a more practical note, here’s hoping that Bradley’s latest episode serves to galvanize the Padres. Oh, and in the above video, the tower’s collapse was provoked by external forces.

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  1. Probably a bit of a pipe dream but would it not be possible for the Pads to sign someone who clears waivers to fill a roster spot that would be playoff eligible (since Bradley is out for the season) ? My point is, I do not want T. Sledge to be an option for any starts if we make the post season. Are there any players that would clear waivers that can help us ?

  2. Ian… you’re right, a leg injury could be career ending….

    Check out 3m 20secs into this clip….

  3. Well it certainly ends any hope that Bradley would play CF ever in Petco.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see them bring him back on a 1 year deal and go into the season with a Sledge/Hairston platoon in LF.

  4. Sure, Bradley could be back in six to nine months, and they would be great. But he could be out for one year to 18 months.

    Until I hear more facts, I support Bradley and dismiss the umpire. The Padres players and organization should also do that, because that’s what you do for a teammate. Since he has been productive and a good clubhouse guy, give him the benefit of the doubt.

    If some magic words were used, then I really support Bradley and hope the umpire is forever out of the game.

    Yes, Bradley has a bad temper. It’s too bad that could factor into this. But this could be the time that Bradley is right. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf. And if the umpire went over the line, I don’t blame Bradley a bit and even support some “going off” from him. Sometimes it’s useful to have a bad temper.

    If Black had not gotten involved, it’s possible Bradley doesn’t go after the ump physically. Then he is not necessarily suspended or appeals the suspension and plays out the season.

  5. It’s ok, guys, we’re signing Barry Bonds to play left field for us next year anyway.

  6. 55: Apparently you just read this:

    via Friar Forecast.

    Gosh, I hope not.

  7. I read this morning that Milwaukee is going to let Geoff Jenkins go. He might be a good fit in LF next year.

    I also think Bradley will get some kind of one year deal with the Padres. With his history of physical and emotional problems there aren’t many teams that are going to offer a multi year deal when he’s recovering from a major injury. Given that he was injured as a Padre I think they need to make some kind of an offer just so he can use their medical facilities, as KRS1 mentioned.

  8. 55. i really hope not. good hitter still, but a horrible defender and a public nuisance.

    i dont want to support the barry bonds show (also feat. the padres)

  9. #54 “If Black had not gotten involved, it’s possible Bradley doesn’t go after the ump physically. Then he is not necessarily suspended or appeals the suspension and plays out the season.”

    what are you talking about. how could any of this be buddy’s fault.

    milton was charging that ump way before black even got out there, he was already being restrained by bobby meacham he looked like he wanted to tear the ump in half and black wasnt even on the screen yet.

    besides when one of your players grabs at your neck just to get at an umpire, you do what you gotta do to stop him even if it means throwing him down. its just an unfortunate fluke that his knee twisted at the same time. he just stepped on the edge of the grass and slipped.

    i like milton but no way its blacks fault.

  10. Well Bonds on a 1/10 deal solves a ton of problems and it lets them focus on finding an elite defensive/high OBP young CF.

    For all the baggage, Bonds having already broken the HR record solves a ton of problems. It would certainly be nice to have a .500OBP in the #3 slot in front of Adrian and Kouz.

  11. #53 Sledge in left field next year ? Did you want Bellhorn back this year as well ?

  12. If the Padres signed Barry Bonds, I would pretend that they no longer existed. People could ask me, “Did you see the Padre game last night?” and I’d reply, “Must have been a rerun or something. The Padres don’t play baseball anymore.”

  13. like i said he’d be an offensive help, but does his attitude, bad defense, somewhat overpriced and overall obnoxiousness really balance that out for us?

    he just takes too much away from the team to be any sort of help to us. theres no BARRY in TEAM. hes all about himself

  14. 54. If Black doesn’t get involved? That’s his job. If Black doesn’t try to get between Bradley and the umpire, we could have had something serious happen and something likely bad.

  15. 59: Agree. Bradley was going after the ump before Black got there.

    60: I’d like to get him cheaper, because I don’t know if they can use him even as much as they did Piazza last season (more below). The flip side is whether he’d even come here, given the park.

    63: It’s near impossible to do something “selfish” in baseball that doesn’t also help your team. But they would have to use him very carefully. He could play the OF with a strikeout pitcher, or in tiny away ballparks like Philly. DH in away interleague games. Be the world’s most dangerous pinch-hitter. That’s maybe 250 at-bats?

  16. LOL @ 61

    The Padres ARE NOT going after Bonds.

    Towers (or was it Alderson?) was on XX a few weeks ago and discussed this – actually, I think I heard Towers on ESPNradio discussing this… Anyway, he said that they explored Bonds but got TONS of letters and calls saying that if they signed Bonds, people would cancel their season tickets. Towers went on to say that he had NEVER seen such a unified reaction against any type of position…

  17. With Cameron, Jenga, and Mackiowak out – the Pads will probably add an outfielder to their roster and have the opportunity to add them to the post season roster. Talk about unexpected call ups. Who do we add ? PMAC ? Where’s Bocachica ? or a waiver deal acquisition ?

  18. 65 i agree he has his uses…. but hes just such a distraction. and just myself personally ive been hating bonds as a giant for my whole baseball watching career, it would be so hard to watch him with my padres. regardless of his offensive bonuses. hes been a rival of ours since he got there.

    i suppose the most obvious reason to sign him (despite what i really think) is simply because hes a padre killer and he wouldnt be able to hurt us so much.

  19. 67, i dont know who we’ll get but anyone better than sludge would be awesomeeee.

    in fact im just picturing sledge stricking out to end all our hopes right now.

    the pitch would be low and away and he would be flailing his useless bat in despair towards it. only to walk back to the dugout.

    lets face it he couldnt hit water if he fell out of the boat.

    remember when they were trying to pull the wool over our eyes and said he could lead off for us…..yeah sledgehammer i think is what they were calling him. what a joke that one was

  20. unified reaction against Bonds ? Why ? Caminiti was jacked up on roids and even when the city found out, the fans still stood and gave him an ovation at Qualcomm in 2003. The fans that would cancel their season tix upon his signing would be buyers again shortly or the tickets would be gobbled up by fans excited about Barry jacking balls regularly out of Petco. Bonds in SD ? He would bring excitement much needed excitement to Petco and San Diego would love him

  21. #70: I have yet to meet anyone in San Diego who loves Barry Bonds.

  22. 70: I was thinking of an ad campaign that morphed Caminiti, Vaughn, and Carlos Hernandez into Bonds.

    68: I’ve never liked Bonds, but he’s such a big upgrade to the offense. I’d swallow my personal feelings to pick up that many runs. But I’d rather see us upgrade the pitching staff. We can’t keep counting on Petco to turn every pig’s ear into a silk purse.

  23. Lets at least bring Boca up for depth. He might have left a little to be desired hitting, but he can play the field well and can run. I’d rather even see him than Sledge.

  24. XX just said Buster Onley reports Mike Cameron is out fot the year!

  25. Alderson was on XX and said 3 of the 4 umps from yesterday are scheduled for the Milwaukee series.

  26. 71
    No one outside of San Francisco likes Barry Bonds. I’m thinking wife and kids and . . . . that’s it.

  27. I have a bad feeling we’re watching our season implode. I hope I’m wrong. No more Cameron or Bradley. Jenga is fragile in too many ways. After getting into a stupid altercation during a game that mattered he then tears his ACL???? I know there are 2 sides to this story but I come down on the side that who cares what some A hole calls you. Unless he’s putting your family or wife down I’d let it roll off me and spend my energies getting to 2nd base. Totally lame and juvenile.

    Let’s hope the backups can pull it together. Go Padres.

  28. RE: 74

    Why is Cameron out for the year?

    I just read he was day to day.

  29. 72: But there is no pitcher available that will have the impact that Bonds would, yet be as cheap as Bonds will be. Bonds’s issues obscure the fact that he’s still among the best hitters in baseball per at bat, and because of those issues he would be available to the Padres fairly cheaply on a one year deal. There is no way that any pitcher this offseason is going to be similarly undervalued, and there’s also no pitcher available that’s close to as good as Bonds.

    Also, I’ve read that Bonds’s defense isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be. I think I read that John Dewan of the plus/minus system rated his defense better than Manny Ramirez, Adam Dunn, and Pat Burrell this year.

  30. 79 … it’s my impression, from watching highlights, that he’s been playing LF pretty “gingerly” … my guess is that it is a bad as it’s made out to be … and therefore worse than you’d expect … and for that reason, I’m betting he’ll DH only next year in the AL … he’s not a fit for any NL teams …

  31. I’d probably be in favor of signing Bonds. I don’t think he’s that bad of a defender, most of the perception of his bad defense is in comparison to what he used to be — one of the best defensive LF’ers ever. He can obviously still hit as he’s probably the best batter in the National League. Sure he’s slower than he used to be but the Padres survive with Gonzalez and Bard running the bases, Bonds wouldn’t have that much effect. The thing is that he’ll help them win and isn’t that the main reason we watch the games?

    As a side bonus, we’d get to see all the reporters whine and complain about how much a jerk Bonds is and how hard he makes it to do their job. Anything that upsets the writers is good with me!

  32. 78:

    Cameron might be available for the playoffs but it doesn’t sound good.

    79: I question any defensive metric that rates Bonds ahead of anyone. He has less range than anyone Ive ever seen in the outfield.

  33. 79: I agree. Glancing at the hardball times’ defensive numbers (zone rating), he’s right there with the players you mentioned. When UZR (or Dewan’s system) is updated, I expect he’ll be right in that range. In other words, he’s playable in left, at least when you look at his bat. It’s definitely a minus, though.

    It’s my modest impression that he still gets good jumps, takes good routes, good angles, etc. but is rather slow. People see him running slowly and misplaying a ball or two and that’s what they remember.

    It’ll be interesting to see how he fairs in the fans scouting report (over on tango’s blog).

  34. I think Bonds is certainly a better defender than Pat Burrell or Adam Dunn (who are other names that people bring up for the San Diego LF job). He’s definitely slower than he used to be (obviously) and he’s never had a strong arm but he’s probably not much worse in the field than Sledge.

    I would say it’s a positive that posters here haven’t brought up Bonds’ steroids use as a reason to not sign him. The whole witch hunt to prove Bonds used steroids (and that is what it is since no one cares about the myriad other players that used steroids) has been a huge black eye for baseball as a whole. A lot of it is writer driven but Selig is so inept at public relations (in fact that most of his positions are probably the opposite of what he should do) it’s really hurt baseball.

  35. Yes, but put Bonds’s in a Padres uniform and see how many love him when he hits 11 homeruns in May. It’s about production and winning. And it is really all I care about.

    Think Ben put it best “Bonds’s issues obscure the fact that he’s still among the best hitters in baseball per at bat, and because of those issues he would be available to the Padres fairly cheaply on a one year deal.” Don’t SD fans love the controversial Shawne Merriman ? Think Dallas Cowboy fans will boo the newly acquired Tank Johnson ?

    You produce and your loved. As it should be.

  36. 85: I don’t think you can compare Merriman and Tank Johnson. Merriman does what probably a majority (at least) of professional football and baseball do. In my opinion, and probably most others, Johnson’s crimes are much worse.

    Fans want to see a winning team. Much of the San Diego hatred for Bonds is because he’s kept our team from winning. Switch it around — having Bonds helping the Padres win and the Dodgers or Giants lose — everyone would probably like him, or at least tolerate him.

  37. I haven’t watched the video yet…but what I’ve read tells me that there was definitely some “baiting” being done by the umpires yesterday. Sure we would like to think that Milton would be smart enough to recognize that and ignore it…but he clearly has anger issues (lots of people do) and it just isn’t right that an umpire would do anything to provoke an argument. It happens in a lot of games and MLB needs to do something about it…even if it means the current major league umpires go on strike. They have been given too much power and it needs to be stopped.

  38. Why this sanctimonious attitude towards Bonds ? They were ALL on the crap. Why isn’t Clay Hensley or Neifi Perez being booed for their roids use. Soon enough, this steroids thing will be a distant memory—baseball has been through this before and maybe even worse.

    In the 70′s, more than half the players were looped out on speed.
    For crying out loud, in the same decade, Doc Ellis threw a no hitter on acid (but he hit 6 batters). Early in the next decade it was found out that the Bucs, led by Pops Stargell himself not to mention Hall of Famer Willie Mays-who enjoyed a liquid speed called red juice and shared this with Stargell) were distributing drugs out of their bullpen. And by the way, ever heard of Willie Mays Aikens ? Not to mention Hall of Famer Willie Mays-who enjoyed a liquid speed called red juice and shared this with Stargell. Tomorrow we will examine the life of Ty Cobb and explore the rogue lives of the 50′s Yankees.

  39. Unbelievable. Mets down big at home against those pesky Nats. A Mets collapse could mean a backdoor Padre playoff berth !

    Random thought – Get Piazza back here for one last go. I know his power numbers are down but I think that he has one more productive year in that bat and does it matter if he can’t throw ? 200-300 at bats for Piazza in 1 in 3 day rotation again with Bard and off the bench late ? He will come cheap also.

  40. Bonds would set up 20+ Adrian GIDP’s because all he does is walk. I am completely against even thinking abotu signing Bonds. To mea this isnt just about winning and producing. As fans we get emotional with players and it should be that way. I like our players. Bonds is so negitive and I really dont think everyone in San Diego would just turn around and love him. Like Geoff said, I have never met a San Diegan who likes Barry Bonds.

  41. Padres just acquired Jason Lane from the ‘Stros for a PTBNL.

  42. 91: Or cash. I heard that on XX too.

  43. #90 Why would SD fans like Barry Bonds ? I am perplexed as to why you would hang your hat on this as a point of disqualification.

  44. So they (SD) hate guys with shitty personalities that kills us on the field. Does SD like Bill Belichek ? Would you want him coaching here though or do you feel better about the mild mannered and sincere Norv Turner. Dude, if we can love Jenga we can love Bonds.

  45. I would sign Jenga again for next year for dirt cheap. The guy owes these fans an incentive laden deal and to promise this time to attend his counseling meetings. If we get him for his usual productive 200-300 at bats then its worth it.

  46. Hey Geoff,

    I just checked out your Myspace pic.

    Has anyone ever told you you’re the spitting image of an early 70′s Brian Wilson?

  47. #96: No, but I’ll take that as a compliment. If only I could write songs like he does…