Who Are the Padres’ Marquee Players?

One factor in determining a player’s worth is his “marquee value.” On page 95 of his book Diamond Dollars: The Economics of Winning in Baseball (aff link), Vince Gennaro calls marquee value “the point where the baseball department and the marketing department intersect” and notes that “players with marquee value contribute not only to their team’s win total, but also to the value of the team as a brand.”

Gennaro identifies four components in determining a player’s marquee value:

  1. Personal qualities
    • Positive image
    • Recognizability
    • Accessibility
    • Articulateness
  2. Performance Factor
  3. Continuity Factor
  4. Team Brand Value

Each of these is quantifiable, although it appears to be somewhat subjective in places. Which current Padres have the greatest marquee value? Without getting into the heavy math, here’s my stab:

  1. Trevor Hoffman
  2. Jake Peavy
  3. Khalil Greene
  4. Mike Cameron/Adrian Gonzalez/Chris Young

A case could be advanced for Brian Giles, too, but I suspect his skills have slipped to the point that they no longer offset his relative lack of visibility. Like I said, there appears to be a degree of subjectivity involved here; calculate at your own risk. I’ll note that the above meshes pretty well with my intuition, for whatever that may be worth.

Practical application? Well, marquee value could come into play when deciding whether to re-sign or pursue a free agent. Incidentally, if you find this sort of discussion interesting, you might also check out the Baseball Economics Roundtable from May 2007 over at Biz of Baseball…

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  1. Here’s what a guy at CBS says about upcoming pitchers …

    Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels warms in the bullpen for the NL All-Stars. Josh Beckett is loosening in the AL pen, as he’ll spell Haren and work two innings when he comes on.

  2. Rats … using Cabrera as a PH’er means only 1 AB … eh, he’s not at his best right now (or at least he sure didn’t look very good in his ABs vs Padres last week), so perhaps limiting him to 1 AB is OK … in general, however, this guy is the 2nd best hitter in the NL and so his ABs in this ASG should be maximized …

  3. 52 … ya, Miguel has a bum shoulder …


    … which means he prolly shouldn’t have even had that 1 AB … but at least it’s out of the way now …

  4. Hmmm, just noticed that Loretta and Dye are both on the AL team …

  5. Ichiro! Gwynn’s again!

  6. Somehow David Wells is being quoted as saying he wants to play next year (if he’s healthy) …


    … whatever …

  7. Cool … NL survives the inning with its weak link, Cole Hamels (I say that mainly because of his youth/inexperience, he’s a long-term-stud) … thanks to Griffey’s arm (I presume, can someone provide a description of the play?) …

  8. 44: Why use tiny URL? Cant you just click the link?

  9. 57 … here’s the CBS description of the play …

    I-Rod sends a base hit to right field, as A-Rod tests the arm of Griffey Jr. That’s a bad idea, as Rodriguez is out by a mile. Russell Martin c