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Haven’t done one of these in a while. They’ve been piling up over here, and now I give them to you:

  • Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full of Crap is keeping track of which bloggers are rooting for which team in the playoffs. He may also be sending folks over here to mock me in the comments. If you’re one of those people, welcome to Ducksnorts. :-)
  • Padres return home for Game 3 on brink of elimination (Yahoo!). Gotta love Dave Roberts‘ optimism: “We’re relaxed. Coming into this series we were the underdogs. We’ve got nothing to lose, and I think that we’ll go out and play like it.”
  • Xavier Nady shares his thoughts on Game 1 with the Monterey County Herald.
  • Kottaras, four others en route to AFL ( In addition to C George Kottaras, the others are LHP Craig Breslow, RHP Jack Cassel, LHP Rusty Tucker, and 1B Michael Johnson. Not an overwhelming group, but some potentially useful parts.
  • David Jay at also has some info on Padres in the AFL. Tucker, for one, seems to be having trouble throwing strikes.
  • The Padres have the lowest payroll among teams that made the playoffs this year. The second lowest belongs to the Chicago White Sox, who just finished a sweep of the Red Sox. Last year’s World Series champs had the second highest payroll in all of baseball in 2005. They also were outscored, 24-9, in their series.
  • In sad news, longtime blogger John Bonnes of Twins Geek fame is hanging ‘em up. I’m sorry to see John leave not only because I’ve been reading his stuff forever but also because I’ve actually had a chance to meet him and he’s a heckuva good guy. It’s tough to say goodbye, but I totally understand and respect his reasons for doing so. That said, the baseball blogosphere has taken a big hit. Best of luck, John.

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