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Hungry. Thirsty. Whatever.

A poet friend and I exchanged Sarah Vaughan tunes on Saturday morning. I served with “Shadow of Your Smile”; he returned with “Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most” — nothing but aces with The Divine One. Her voice and a pot of freshly ground French roast go a long way toward wiping away [...]

Once Upon My Mind: It’s Just a Big Jumbled Mess

Ah, November… Of all the months between October and December, it is by far my favorite. It’s also the month in which I once wrote many things, some of which have not come back to embarrass me…

The Bud Black Extension

As you probably know, Padres skipper Bud Black has had his contract extended through 2013, with club options for 2014 and 2015. I should say a few words about that. Okay: I like it. Hmmm, maybe that was too few words. Let me elaborate.

This Date in Ducksnorts (19 Nov)

Hi there, and welcome to open thread week. Yep, I’m taking a little time off to hang with family and what-not. Here are some blasts from the past to amuse you. Not that you need an invitation from me, but feel free to discuss whatever… Harry Potter, Leonid Meteor Shower, and Ryan Leaf (2001). I [...]

Notes and Links

Haven’t done one of these in a while. They’ve been piling up over here, and now I give them to you: Laurence Simon at This Blog Is Full of Crap is keeping track of which bloggers are rooting for which team in the playoffs. He may also be sending folks over here to mock me [...]

Padres April Wrap

Why even bother with an official scorer? Xavier Nady hits a lazy fly ball to center in the 10th on Friday night that Ricky Ledee loses in the lights; ball clanks off Ledee’s glove and it’s ruled a hit. Then Saturday night, Mike Lieberthal hits a ducksnort to right that Nady has to run a [...]

Padres in the Arizona Fall League

New favorite piece of spam: “I have visited your site and I think that design looks not good now.” Note to self: Sending unsolicited e-mail telling a potential customer what a lousy job they are doing is not conducive to doing business. It is, shall we say, “not good now.” Very briefly, here’s an update [...]