Ducksnorts: Best of 2003

I kept threatening it would happen, and now it has. I’m very pleased to announce the release of Ducksnorts: Best of 2003 (2003.pdf, 811k; opens in new browser window). Weighing in at 150 pages and a svelte 811k (it’s a quick download even for dialup users), Best of 2003 contains a look back at the Padre season that was, along with a bunch of other stuff. Like the blog itself, it’s about 80% baseball, 20% whatever else happens to be on my mind. Everything is pretty much lifted from the blog, and edited/annotated as appropriate.

The book (if I may call it that) was fun, but time-consuming, to put together. I sincerely hope you enjoy reading through it. I haven’t decided whether I’ll do another of these in the future, so if after perusing it you find that you gained something of value from it, let me know. Compiling Best of 2003 was no small task, but I’m happy to do it again as long as I know it’s filling a need and not just taking up disk space and bandwidth.

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