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Blog World and New Media Expo 2008 Recap

We drove to Vegas on Thursday afternoon. Neko Case, Silverchair, Interpol, and Thievery Corporation accompanied us on our journey. Not literally, of course; our car isn’t that big. On Friday we rode the monorail all over the Strip, gawking at the utter freakishness that is Sin City. This place always makes me feel lonely, although [...]

Updates to Comments Policy

Just a quick note to let y’all know I’ve made a few updates to the Comments Policy. Also, since we’ve been getting more new participants lately (thanks, and welcome to my home), this is a good time to remind folks to review and familiarize themselves with the policy. Here are the latest updates: I do [...]

Series Preview: Mac Thomason Talks Braves

The Padres continue their East Coast swing with three in Atlanta starting Tuesday evening. To learn more about the 2008 Braves, I checked in with Mac Thomason, of the venerable and most excellent blog Braves Journal. Ducksnorts: The NL East looks to be tight again this year. How do you like the Braves’ chances? Thomason: [...]

Contest Winners

When I reviewed MLB08: The Show in mid-April, I also held a contest to give away several copies of the game. I asked folks to “leave a suggestion in the comments on how to improve Ducksnorts” and said that I would pick four winners from those. First off, thanks to everyone who entered. Your efforts [...]

Oooh, Shiny Book Cover

I swear I’m not turning Ducksnorts into a photo blog, but I’m pretty psyched about this because it means I can almost see light at the end of the tunnel. When will the book be done? Well, when it’s done. I’m shooting for the first or second week of February. I think this is realistic [...]

Ducksnorts: Best of 2003

I kept threatening it would happen, and now it has. I’m very pleased to announce the release of Ducksnorts: Best of 2003 (2003.pdf, 811k; opens in new browser window). Weighing in at 150 pages and a svelte 811k (it’s a quick download even for dialup users), Best of 2003 contains a look back at the [...]

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Blog Last Night

So as I’m preparing to welcome in the new year with a few minor changes to the blog (you can’t stop me, you can only hope to contain me!), the Padres go out and sign David Wells. I’m going to need some time to digest (pun intended) this one before I offer commentary. Expect a [...]

Server Move Has Begun

Just a quick administrative update. The server move has begun. I hope to have everything completed by the end of the weekend. Once again, I don’t expect the site to experience significant downtime. But if for whatever reason you can’t find us, I’ve mirrored this blog at http://members.cts.com/king/g/gyoung/ducksnorts/weblog/; that URL will be good through the [...]