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Friday Links (12 Oct 07)

I saw Brian Giles last night. There should be more to this story, but there isn’t. All I can say is that presumably he likes pizza. To the links: MB at Friar Forecast is ready for some hot-stove action (that sounded better in my head): hitters | pitchers. The back end of the rotation needs [...]

Elias Player Rankings

Following the lead of Jim McLennan at AZ Snakepit, here are the Padres 2005-06 Elias player rankings: Hitters Brian Giles 83.333 A Mike Piazza 76.923 A Mike Cameron 71.333 A Todd Walker 70.996 A Dave Roberts 66.000 A Khalil Greene 62.434 B Josh Bard 54.762 B Ryan Klesko 53.778 B Josh Barfield 49.134 C Adrian [...]