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Half-Baked Thoughts on the World Series

As someone who “missed” all but a half inning of the entire postseason (I saw Brad Lidge close out the Giants in one of the NLCS games but otherwise remained happily ignorant of the proceedings), I can’t comment on the action. This, however, doesn’t stop me from having and feeling the need to express opinions [...]

Series Preview: Lisa Gray Talks Astros

I’m making a concerted effort to do more interviews this year and get more voices talking here at Ducksnorts. With that in mind, it’s my great pleasure to bring you Lisa Gray, of the excellent Astros Dugout, who will tell us a little more about the Padres’ first opponent of 2008. Ducksnorts: The Astros and [...]

Interview: Steve Poltz, Part 5

In Part 4 of our chat with singer/songwriter/Padre fan Steve Poltz poltz.com, Steve talked about Steve Garvey’s homer in the NLCS in ’84, shagging fly balls while Tony Gwynn took batting practice, and more. In our final segment, Steve discusses his meeting of Ken Caminiti, the heartbreak of watching USD alum Brady Clark struggle in [...]

Wednesday Links (1 Nov 06)

In honor of Bruce Bochy’s departure, we’ll break free from an almost fanatical devotion to predetermined roles and let the situation dictate our actions. Here, a couple days earlier than usual, are your links: Future Padre – Adrian Beltre (?) (Padres RunDown). Peter Friberg continues his look at potential solutions to the third base problem. [...]