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Blast from the Past: Mark Phillips Outrage

What a fool I used to be. Those are Neil Peart’s words, but they apply here as well, so I’ll use ‘em. When the Padres traded Bubba Trammell and minor-league left-hander Mark Phillips for Rondell White back in ’03, I was… a little less than pleased. I actually vented in three parts: Part 1 includes [...]

Vacation Recovery Mode

Hi there. Sorry for going incommunicado on you. We were off in Hawai’i doing the Thanksgiving/anniversary thing; I’d intended to post a few updates from yonder, but first I lost my motivation and then I lost my wi-fi (the in-laws are pretty far off the grid). Anyway, I hope everyone had a good holiday. One [...]

This and That

Recovering from last week’s shows, getting ready for this week’s. Thinking of tie-ins for our band name. Like a drink, maybe. Anybody know of a drink that needs a name? I can’t promise you much. A t-shirt. And my gratitude. If you have a drink that you think could be called a “Chin Wagger” drop [...]

Looking for Alternate Routes from San Diego to Las Vegas

Well, I won’t be making it to the AFL this year, but I am planning to meet up with family in Vegas later this month. Inspired by Neil Peart’s Ghost Rider (an interesting read for Rush fans but probably not for others), I figured I might try an alternate route. In my quest to find [...]