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Tweaking the Padres Draft Process

I don’t have much to say about Wednesday night’s loss, so maybe instead we can continue our earlier discussion on the 2007 draft. Among other things, we now know that third-rounder Tommy Toledo and 10th-rounder Christian Colon didn’t sign. Rich at Baseball Analysts has a full breakdown of the first round, including bonuses. One thing [...]

Friday Links (22 Jun 07)

I love that it always comes as a surprise when this team drops a series — nice change from the old days, when you secretly expected the worst before anything even happened. Now the Red Sox are in town, which means that people in other parts of the country might be paying attention. This would [...]

Friday Links (8 Jun 07)

What the heck was that? Between the draft and Thursday night’s comeback (recap | boxscore), I hardly know where to start. Lots o’ links today. Disclaimer: I hate to do this, but with the general craziness of the past few days, I haven’t read all of these in their entirety yet, ergo the lack of [...]

Padres Sign Latos, Beat Bucs

It’s not often that a 9-0 victory takes a backseat to a draft signing. Then again, it’s not often that the Padres sign a guy like Matt Latos. In case you missed it, the Pads and Latos agreed to terms late Wednesday evening. Jim Callis at BA has the bonus at $1.25 million, well off [...]