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Wednesday Links (15 Sep 10)

What day is it even? Here, have some links while I’m trying to get my act together…

Padres Farm Report (3 Jun 08)

My mind is in full-on draft mode, and I’ve been re-reading some old notes: In 2004, I’d favored Stephen Drew over the two pitchers being targeted. Of the pitchers, I preferred Jeff Niemann to Jered Weaver. Oops… In 2002, I’d wanted Cole Hamels over Khalil Greene. Then again, I’d also wanted Bobby Brownlie… I ran [...]

Operation Center Field: Acquiring Targets

Now that we’ve identified potential trade targets, let’s move to the next logical step and consider what it might cost to acquire said targets. This exercise consists in determining a) what your partner needs and b) what you (i.e., the Padres) have to offer. The order of these two, as I’ve learned over many years [...]