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Friday Links (12 Nov 10)

One of the great things about doing crossword puzzles is that you get to use words that you would never, in any other circumstance, get to use. “Oleo” is my favorite. It shows up at least twice a week and usually is accompanied by a clue that reads, “Fridge item that you don’t call by [...]

Friday Links (9 Nov 07)

Greetings from Vegas… Doggie Bagged: Maddux Re-Ups for 2008 (322 Feet). One of the newer Padres blogs (welcome!) talks about the Greg Maddux deal. Maddux leads list for NL Gold Gloves (MLB.com, via Phantom in the comments). Speaking of Maddux, congrats to him on winning his 17th Gold Glove award. I’ve had no use for [...]

RIP, Cammy

I wanted to mention this sooner, but I’ve been searching for the right words. I still haven’t found them, and I may never find them, but I have to say something. As you probably know by now, former Padre third baseman Ken Caminiti died of an apparent heart attack Sunday, at age 41. The first [...]