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  1. 50: I always think of Beltran along these lines and did when KT was talking.

  2. Hi Peter

    I watched Dustin Pedroia hit 150 the first month of the season. The Red Sox stuck with him and he ended up hitting over 300 and maybe rookie of the year. If Matt gets the opportunity I hope he starts off well.

  3. 32b … Kevin, I think you’ve confused your logic … having incentives based on PAs rather than ABs does not diminish incentive to walk … right?

    32c … RIGHT ON! Up with KG-types … down with TO-types!

  4. Thanks for the invite lynchMob

  5. 52 … It’s not clear to me that Pedroia 2007 is a good comp for Antonelli 2008 … Pedroia has 204 AAA ABs in 2005 and another 423 AAA ABs in 2006 plus 89 MLB ABs in 2006 …

    Sure seems like Matt’s gonna need a season like Pedroia had in 2006 … but that’s just based on numbers …

    For sure Matt will get an opportunity … what the Padres have to decide is when … when will be the best for Matt and for the Padres organization … and I trust them to think “long-term” on both of those factors …

  6. Jack, we watched Kouz hit .107 through first week of May and he ended up hitting .275… So yeah…

    It’s not that rookies often struggle that worries me, it’s that (in your own words) Headley is Padres Prospect #1 and Antonelli is #2… Headley should be considered “more ready” and if we hand LF to Headley and 2B to Antonelli, will either player struggle enough in year one to cause us to miss the playoffs again?

    If the Padres had better production at 2B or LF, or if C. Young hadn’t been injured, or any one thing, we would have made the playoffs this year.

    I don’t think any of us doubt Matt’s ability – again, I think he’ll be a prenniel (sp?) all-star – we just don’t know if he’s MLB-ready now, or if the Padres would be better served with a few months+ of additional minor league seasoning…

  7. 52.

    If there is one thing you can be encouraged about is that Bud Black is patient with his kids. If you think Pedroia hitting .150 for the first month was bad then you should look at Kevin Kouzmanoff’s numbers for the first 5 or 6 weeks of the season. Black stuck with him and he finished the season very strongly and finished right around .280 i think. Pedroia not hitting in that Red Sox lineup didn’t hurt nearly as much as Kouz not hitting in the Padres. Black and the organization as a whole gave Kevin lots of support and I think it really paid off. I’m sure if they decide to go with Matt he will get the same if not more.

  8. The Padres missed the playoffs because the pitching let up 24 runs the last three games. They won 89 games with no production from 2nd or left all year. I think even if you start with Chase and Matt you can only improve .

  9. 44: I was vouching for the rant, not every characerization within said rant. Though I’m not sure you and the author are talking about the same statement from Buster because the rant is from Wednesday and the Buster statement you are referring to is from Thursday. The quotes the author discusses are also not in the post you are referring to. However, there is some discussion of the trade mentioned in that post in the comments section of the rant.

  10. I join the blog and it comes to a complete stop sorry Geoff

  11. LOL @ Jack…

    How is Matt doing by the way? Are the Padres telling him anything regarding their spring plans for him?

  12. They havnt said anything to him yet He cant wait to get home from Arizona. Padres players got screwed with playing time

  13. 63: I noticed

  14. I dont understand why I know the coaches played their own all the time but its fall ball Matt never got a chance to lead off or bat 2nd to get a few extra at bats

  15. 61 … nowhere near you, Jack … Friday afternoon on the west coast means other things to do! THANKS for checkin’ in!

    63/65 … did Matt do anything to try to compensate for lack of playing time? (ex. more cage time)

  16. 58: Wasn’t left field one of our more productive positions? I’ll have to check.

  17. 53: My question (Do you really want even more incentive for Greene not to draw walks?) was in response to the posts at the beginning of the discussion (like No. 6) that said the incentives should be based on at-bats.

    My question was saying, Do you really want a player up there trying to accumulate at-bats instead of plate appearances.

    Maybe the person mistakenly put ABs instead of PAs, but my logic was not confused.

  18. So, what do we have to give up to get Barton?

    What does Cleveland need?

  19. 67, I think when Milton was in LF it was productive, otherwise I don’t think so (but I know you’ll check the numbers to be sure)…

  20. Peter,re #56.Thru SD game 42(5/10/7) KK was 115/175/207.SD lost 6games by 1 run and 2 by 2 runs.In those games he was 2-30 had 20 runners on base, drove in 2 lob 18. (BP game log data.) We dont want to do this again.

  21. I’ve been out of town for the last 10 days or so and was just catching up on some “rumor” links. Just came across this one from Rosenthal yesterday.

    “The market could intensify for free-agent second baseman Luis Castillo. Both the Astros and Mets remain interested, and other teams might jump in. The Indians could pursue Castillo if they trade shortstop Jhonny Peralta and move second baseman Asdrubal Cabrera to short. The Padres view Castillo as a fallback position if they fail to add punch in their outfield. The Dodgers also could enter the mix if Jeff Kent declines to return. …”

    I’m pulling for MA, though. (Welcome to the blog, Jack!)

  22. 58: Actually between Bradley and Hairston, the Padres got quite a bit of production out of LF.

  23. 67,70: LF for the year, .252/.340/.462, 30 HRs, 28 2B 89 RBIs. 2B was definitely our hole, RF really wasnt all that great either, but Giles gets on base alright.

  24. Re: 73 but that was for less than half the year, when crudge was out there it was a big hole.

  25. 71, It is a bit disingenious to blame KK for the losses during his cold start unless you also give him credit for the wins during his hot periods.

    However, my point wasn’t strictly that 2B, LF, etc. cost the postseason, it was questioning whether a slow start from another rookie could derail next season. I’m a HUGE proponent of building from within I just think Headley is more likely to be ready than Antonelli. I know Matt wants to be in San Diego starting at 2B for the Padres against the Astros on 3/31 – and I know I’m looking forward to many years of Antonelli in Padres uni – I just don’t know if the Padres would be better served by having someone else start ’08 there…

  26. When Alderson was on Mighty XX Wednesday night, he said that the Padres will look to get better at 2B and LF, maintain production in CF, and they need to fortify the back of the rotation…

  27. Bartolo Colon?

    Hide your fish tacos.

  28. Names Ive been hearing for second and left dont excite me at all thats why I think you can do just as good with Headley and Antonelli with 100 times better upside

  29. In 62 at-bats in April, Jose Cruz Jr. hit .355/.429/.677.

    Yes, he was awful after that, but let’s not revise history too much.

  30. 79, I agree, but with one caveat. I wouldn’t mind bringing in a low-cost vet who might “turn things around” to take pressure off Antonelli & Headley to produce immediately for a couple months of seasoning. However, if the team thinks they are ready now, I trust their judgement.

  31. Anybody see this in the UT this morning?

    Only 28 home games after the ASB? WTF?!?!

  32. 82: I noticed that last night. I don’t understand how something like that gets scheduled. That strikes me as the kind of thing that could cost us a game or two next season and I doubt we’ll be able to afford even one “extra” loss.

  33. 82/83 … I don’t see what the big deal is … Padres play an excess of Home games in June and an excess of Road games in September … eh … especially since 6 of those Sept road games are in LA (ie. not far from home, if you think that’s what the issue is) … I just don’t see what can “cost us a game or two” … Padres play 81 at Home and 81 on the Road for the season … what difference does it make when you play them? A win in April – June counts the same as a win in September, doesn’t it?

  34. “Good news for Clay” here …

    Pitcher Clay Hensley, who had surgery in September to repair a tear in his right shoulder, is still on schedule to start throwing as he normally would in January, which is certainly the best-case scenario for the right-hander.

  35. Check this out …

    Tony Gwynn: The Making of a Hall of Famer … Get up close & personal with Tony and his family on his journey from Little League to Cooperstown … download it for 4 bucks … cool … fyi … I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but prolly will …