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Open Thread: So, What’s On Your Mind?

What the heck, let’s try this again. You wanted open comments; go ahead, say something…

Me, Elsewhere: Show Some Glove

I went on vacation and wrote an article about the Padres defense. Yeah, I know how to party. Among the many interesting things I discovered in conducting my research are these: Padres outfielders can’t keep baserunners from advancing. Padres infielders are excellent at defending against the bunt. The Padres turned more double plays in 2010 [...]

Second Verse, Same as the First

Wins needed for WS championship: 11 Give the Cardinals credit. They know what to do with opportunity. They see it, they pounce. They don’t screw around like some teams I know. Those of us who have followed the Padres all season know that what we’ve seen in the first two games of the NLDS is [...]