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Bell’s Tell

One scenario we examined yesterday in discussing how Heath Bell’s situation might play out is that he could accept arbitration and remain in San Diego another year rather than pursue long-term options elsewhere. The notion that a professional ballplayer would take less money to stay in a place he considers home may seem curious to [...]

Arbitration Avoidification

The Padres avoided arbitration with all five of their remaining eligible players on Tuesday. Jed Hoyer appears to share his predecessor’s distaste for the “you stink, but we love you anyway” method of determining salary.

Cameron Maybin: When a Player’s Perceived Value Plummets, That’s the Time to Grab Him

I heard about the Cameron Maybin trade while I was in Arizona, taking in some AFL games (more on that later in the week). I thought about it a lot on the drive home and shared the gist of my conclusion on Twitter: Even if Maybin ends up stinking, so what? Webb and Mujica can [...]

OBG08: Jake Peavy

Before we get to the projections, a quick note on the Khalil Greene deal that happened over the weekend. I’ve already discussed Greene’s situation at length, so I’ll just say now that I’m glad both sides worked together to get something done. The contract isn’t as long as I (or the Padres) would have liked, [...]