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Me, Elsewhere: Rebuilding the Dodgers, Giving Tenace His Due

While Adrian Gonzalez was busy not boycotting the All-Star game, I was writing articles. I’ve got two new pieces up at Baseball Prospectus. One is my usual NL West thing ($), while the other is a group effort (free) that remembers overlooked players of the past. If the current Padres season has you down, here’s [...]

Vedder Cup Recap

The Padres dropped two out of three in Seattle over the weekend to lose this year’s Vedder Cup, 5-1. If you’re keeping score at home, here’s how the Padres have fared in Bud Selig’s idea of a “natural rivalry”…

So, Yeah… Poreda

When the Padres recalled Anthony Bass on Monday (he won his debut — congrats on that) to replace the injured Aaron Harang, they had to clear a spot on the 40-man roster for Bass. To do so, they severed ties with another pitcher named Aaron.

On Local Kids and Calculated Gambles

With the Padres now playing in a part of the country where games are over by the time I get home from the day job, I can’t offer much in the way of meaningful commentary beyond maybe you want to fire up the offense before the seventh inning. Instead, I’ll just make a couple of [...]

With Half a Season Remaining, I’m Already Running Low on Ellipses

One of the joys of east coast road trips is that, thanks to the day gig, I almost never catch any of the action. I heard exactly two pitches as I started driving home on Tuesday evening: strike one and game over. Well, that was a nice way to pass the time during my commute. [...]

Stuff on My Mind: Stolen Bases, Broadcasters, Poet Laureates, and Such

I keep notes in a book that resembles nothing so much as a mess. Typically I use these notes as the basis for articles here, there, and everywhere. Sometimes stuff doesn’t get used right away, so I periodically flip through my book to see if there’s anything that interested me at one point that might [...]

Stay Healthy, My Friends

Congratulations to Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez on being named to the National League All-Star team. Now that you have been thus honored, I make a humble request: Don’t play in the game. If that is not possible, don’t engage in any risky behavior that could jeopardize your chances to help a team that surprisingly [...]

Breakin’ for All-Stars

Regular readers know that I don’t do the All-Star Game. Adrian Gonzalez pretty well sums up why: All it is is a reminder of the market we’re in. When it comes to voting for the All-Star Game, it’s all about publicity, all about what market you play for. It’s how ESPN puts you out there. [...]

Padres Farm Report (18 Jun 08)

Triple-A — Tucson 7, Portland 3 Matt Antonelli: 1-for-4, 2B, BB Peter Ciofrone (3B): 0-for-5 Chip Ambres (RF): 0-for-5 Brian Myrow: 1-for-4, BB Will Venable (CF): 1-for-4, HR Nick Hundley: 2-for-2, HR, 2 BB Vince Sinisi (LF): 2-for-3, BB Luis Rodriguez: 0-for-3, BB Wade LeBlanc: 6 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 1 HR, 3 BB, [...]