Breakin’ for All-Stars

Regular readers know that I don’t do the All-Star Game. Adrian Gonzalez pretty well sums up why:

All it is is a reminder of the market we’re in. When it comes to voting for the All-Star Game, it’s all about publicity, all about what market you play for. It’s how ESPN puts you out there. They’re a big reason for who gets publicity and who doesn’t.

As I’ve said before, San Diego is not ESPN’s target audience — and for good reason. New York, Boston, and a few other markets pay the bills, so it only makes sense that players from teams representing those cities should dominate the rosters. I don’t have a real problem with that, but neither does it inspire me to invest any time or energy in the event.

Plus there’s the whole self-congratulatory nature of the thing. I won’t have anything to do with the Oscars for the same reason — just shut up and make me some more movies.

That said, I’m totally down with the concept of a break. I’ll be taking the next few days off as I continue my re-assimilation into the so-called real world. Then we’ll start examining some of the themes that have emerged over the first half of a disappointing season.

Until then, be excellent to one another. See you Thursday.

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  1. #88@Schlom: No, by itself I would not consider that tanking. I may or may not be happy with trading those two guys (depending on what they get back), but if the Padres made that move I would not assume they are attempting to lose more games. I would assume they are trying to win more games next year.

    Like Lynch Mob said, it really is all about appearances. If, on the other hand, we didn’t trade those guys but sat them for the rest of the season while pitching Estes and Tomko. . .that would be tanking.

  2. Hello all,

    It looks like OG is on the untouchable list,

    and with his option and buyout I probably agree.

    Also is there any other city that OG and P-mac could get away with their step haircuts (with the frosted tips no less ) and orange spray tans. :)


  3. #102@DM: I guess it does makes sense. Without Giles to balance out a lineup of free-swingers, this lineup would probably be much worse off, if that’s even possible. With a youngster like Headley in the everyday lineup, it should be helpful to learn from Giles’ approach, although it hasn’t helped much as of yet (2 BB’s and 20-something K’s). Will Venable is another guy trying to build his game around a similar approach. It would also help him to watch Giles on a day-to-day basis once he gets the call.

  4. #102@DM: Thanks for the link … one comment jump’d out at me … “payroll flexibility this winter” … I think that’s code for “we can sign a free agent or 2″ … and I know there are still limitations … and the key is always that it’s “the right guy” … just seems to me that they have been building “payroll flexibility” for a couple of years now … perhaps that enabled some of the international signings …

  5. #104@LynchMob: I took it as…

    Payroll flexability = Pick up Giles option, resign Wolf, sign Bell long term, I really dont see the pads signing any starting position players…

  6. Stephen Strasburg is the first collegian to make the Olympic team since they went to professionals in 2000:

    If they could get good return for Giles, I’d certainly try to trade him — although that will probably make them worse for 2009 as I don’t think they have an adequate replacement for him. It’s probably time to see if Venable can be that player — it’s not like they would lose anything if they call him up as he turns 26 at the end of October.

  7. Here’s the Olympic team roster:

    Not too many batting prospects on there with the exception of LaPorta, Rasmus and Fowler. Most of the pitchers are highly regarded prospects except for former Padre reliever Blaine Neal and former D-backs sidearmer Mike Koplove.

  8. Observed on a sticker on the way to the office today:”Copy readers rule”

  9. #104@LynchMob: Don’t forget the Maddux signing. . .I know some may not have agreed with it, but it was a big chunk of change.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see a pitching free agent pickup this offseason, whether it’s Wolf or someone else.

  10. #110@BigWorm: Yes but: Jake gets a $3.5M raise, Adrian gets a $2M raise, and Young gets a $2M raise. I am assuming Greene won’t be here, to collect is $2M raise.

  11. When you draft with an emphasis on hitters (which I liked), then some days are gonna end up like this …

    … AZL Padres lose 13-4 … Decker 1-for-5 with 2 RsBI …

  12. Triple-A All-Stars are playing right now …

    … I don’t see any Beavers in the game yet, but I do see that Jon Adkins has pitched ;-)

  13. #114@LynchMob: I just watched former Padre farmhand Dale Thayer throwing 97 mph gas in the game. I wonder if he was throwing that hard when he was the PTBNL in the Russell Branyan trade with Tampa in ’06. According to BR, he is 11-0 in his last two seasons in the Tampa organization. This season, his ERA is 1.46 and he’s struck out 57 in 49.1 IP.

  14. Dykstra was on 1090 today. He seems to think they will get a deal done.