Saturday Links (11 Jun 11)

Someday I will figure out a way to deliver these in a more timely manner, but not today…



  • Q&A Adrian Gonzalez (FanGraphs). David Laurila chats with Anthony Rizzo’s predecessor. Fascinating stuff, including this gem: “Some guys see speed out of the hand. I can’t recognize speed, but I can recognize rotation.” [h/t reader Didi]
  • The Quaz Q&A: Phil Nevin (Jeff Pearlman). Some surprising stuff from Nevin, who seems to have grown up a bit: “I think, toward the end of my career … what was one of my downfalls was I was probably half manager, half player in my own mind … the last few years thinking I knew a lot more than I did.” Give the man a +1 for self-awareness.
  • Interview: Pad Squad Elizabeth (Gaslamp Ball). I like the idea of “Here Comes The Sun” as closer entrance music… maybe not as much as “Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” but solid…
  • Q & A With A Fellow Vaquero: Kyle Phillips (RJ’s Fro). The Padres catcher recalls his first big-league homer: “It was like an out of body experience. I remember hitting the ball and running to first saying to myself, ‘please, please’.”



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  1. Just an idea…
    You could create a Twitter account and install a widget(?) on the side column here. That way you could post or tweet the stories as you came across them.

    Re the SI Disappointment story
    Looks like older players such as Posada, Tejada, etc were left off the list

    RIP Jim Northrup

  2. See … if you .429/.750/1.286 in the Rizzo pool, you’re looking pretty right-on so far!!!

    And who’s going to be the first to complain that he doesn’t get enough singles? :-)

  3. So on an unrelated note, I’m making the drive to Boston to see the 6/22 day game in the Padres/Sox series. The plan is to get there and do the stadium tour, which if you pick the right one apparently you are actually on some section of the field (!) during visitor batting practice. If so, that would be epic (for $12 extra no less).

    Regardless, I’ll be sure to return with pictures and a full report. I’m planning on checking out batting practice, because I only see the Padres every couple years I want to see more than just the 3-4 swings I may see during the game.

  4. dts – you go! Tell us *all* about it!

  5. Will do for sure. Should be a great time!

  6. @dts317: Awesome. Enjoy!