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I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but the Padres are hitting better (and scoring more) at Petco Park this year than they are on the road:

      G   PA   BA  OBP  SLG  BB%  SO%  R/G
Home 48 1848 .257 .340 .378 10.5 18.8 4.65
Road 42 1619 .246 .302 .379  6.8 19.6 4.12

That could get a hitting coach… what’s the opposite of fired? Because of this, the Padres have an extraordinary run differential at home (and a decent one on the road):

      G  RS  RA Dif Dif/G
Home 48 223 152 +71 +1.48
Road 42 173 158 +15 +0.36

My favorite is still Jerry Hairston Jr., who just doesn’t get it:

      PA   BA  OBP  SLG BB%  SO%
Home 175 .269 .324 .429 7.4 12.0
Road 148 .226 .272 .285 4.7 14.2

Including Saturday night’s blast, six of Hairston’s seven home runs this year have come at his own personal bandbox known as Petco Park. Way to go, Jerry; thanks for making those of us who think it’s a tough place to hit look like idiots.

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  1. This to me is encouraging, they still have a winning record on the road (24-18 .571), even after that last 2-4 road trip through Washington and Colorado, before that they were 22-14 .612 on the road. And they have been raking recently so those offensive numbers were padded even though they haven’t been winning.
    I’m really glad we have the Hairstons, they may both end the season lower than .250 but they will both have around 15 homers and they make PetCo look like a normal park and give the young guys confidence.

  2. Petco is an enigma. The Mets announcers think it’s haunted. All I know is that in 2008, the Padres went 35-46 at home and had a run differential of minus 43 runs. Last year, the Padres went 42-39 at home and had a run differential of… minus 43 runs. Go figure.