The Opposite of News

I’m reading a lot about Adrian Gonzalez these days. Why not? He’s a great player who deserves the coverage.

The two basic “stories” right now are:

To summarize, other teams want Gonzalez, who probably won’t remain in San Diego much longer. How novel. Why weren’t we advised of this earlier? The people have a right to know when nothing has happened.

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  1. I think my head just exploded.

  2. Can someone explain to me why we should consider trading Adrian now? Where else are we going to get his production for that salary? Since he’s under contract for two years, why should we suddenly get rid of him now? Does a day go by without an Adrian story? Can’t someone’s estranged non-famous brother write a book about his famous brother’s steroid use to “clear his conscience” (get money) just to change the news cycle?

  3. Glad to see the ironic detachment, but this still kills me. Unlike Peavy, he is not a draft but a swindle from Texas, but still, the parlor game of where will a small market, not-currently-competitive team’s best player be dealt sickens me. It is an artifact of a seriously dysfunctional system that people seem to just accept.

    To bolster my annoyance, I decided to look at what the Pecota looked like comparing what Peavy was going to do vs. what we were going to get out of the Poreda, Clayton, et. al. Interestingly, it has Poreda + Clayton > Peavy. Granted that is two players vs. one, but still surprising. I hope that one turns out OK.

  4. There’s a great line in Jon Heyman’s column today on about a possible trade of A-Gon to the White Sox:

    “The White Sox chatter led to speculation that top young infielder Gordon Beckham might have to be included, but a Sox person suggested to that Beckham may be untouchable. The Sox might be more amenable to Tyler Flowers, Sergio Santos and Daniel Hudson as part of a package”

    Are you telling me that the White Sox don’t want to give up their best young player (and maybe best player overall) but instead would like to give up a young catcher, a failed SS prospect trying to convert to a pitcher, and a potential back of the rotation starter? I don’t believe it, I think they’d rather give up quality than quantity.

  5. Man, what a slow news day.
    Couldn’t we at least be pretending to care about who’s going to be the 24th and 25th player on the roster? I mean, there are battles going on in Spring Training, man.

    I can’t wait to see how many pitchers the Padres are going to carry into the season…13 or 14…it’s the pitcher’s park, you know. I mean, it’ll be great to have our own Brooks Kieschnick. Shoot, I think we should get our own relief pitcher/defensive replacement, instead of the trendy-for-a-time pinch hitter/relief pitcher.