Eats and Drinks Near Petco Park

As regular readers know, because there are so many great food options within walking distance of Petco Park, I don’t do ballpark concessions. With Opening Day just around the metaphorical corner, I figure now is as good a time as any to revisit the ol’ Restaurant Guide.

One place I recently was turned onto is The Fleetwood. It opened in September 2007 and is just a few stumbles away from the park. Aaron, Brendan, and the rest of the gang serve up excellent steaks, chops, and beers. They also take good care of Padres fans, so, yeah, I think we’ll be paying them a visit at some point.

Anyway, have a look at the Guide and let me know if anything needs to be added/changed. Or if you want to talk about other stuff, well, then, please go right ahead.

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  1. Since we’re talking food and beverages for games, have a beer or 2 before arriving at the stadium since beer prices are going up again at Petco!! $9.00 for a beer that costs $.90 I’m not complaining……I will willingly contribute to great profits as I’m a capitalist myself. If you haven’t already seen the front page of the UT:

  2. Good point! Fortunately the beer selection outside the stadium is a bazillion times better than inside.

    OT: I’ve updated the org tree to reflect the Opening Day 25-man roster:

    All active players now have photos. Woo-hoo!

  3. Eats and drinks around Petco? My specialty! I’ll focus on a few in East Village since new stuff is opening all the time and its really starting to fill in.

    Tilted Kilt, 10th and K – New sports bar, just opened on St. Pattys day. Think Irish pub style hooters. Standard bar food.

    East Village Tavern and Bowl, Market between 9th and 10th – Opened last summer, another sports bar. They have a few bowling lanes open now with an expansion opening very soon.

    Dirty Del’s, 10th and Island – Opened in the last month. A small sandwich and beer place. Great for grabbing a quick beer and taking a sandwich into the game.

    The Neighborhood, 8th and G – Great beer and burgers. Fantastic selection of local San Diego beers on tap and bottle.

    The Kebab Shop, 9th and Market – Grab a Doner or Shawarma Kebab or one of their fresh salads. I think they serve a limited selection of beers now too.

  4. Gotta check out the Kebab Shop that’s right on 9th, I think, between G and Market. Good yummy. Make sure to ask for the spicy sauce.

    There’s a Thai place (Lotus, I think) across the street next to the big coffee shop.

    re: the list, Phil’s BBQ is in Sports Arena now a much easier place to get to and quicker as well, plus, they have a bar with taps now.

  5. It is not that close to Petco, but if I am stoping on the way to the game, my first choice is Old Town Mexican Cafe.

  6. In my opinion you cannot do better Mexican (Carnitas) than in Parkyland in Logan:

  7. I think people are going to be pleasantly surprised about the number of cheaper alternatives that have opened near Petco in the past few months.

    I can second the review of the Neighborhood, burgers are good and I think we should all support a local business that is smart enough to serve local beer…..maybe that’s just me.

    I wish every other restaurant on the list seemed to “get it” downtown as much as NH does….you know those people living above you can be pretty important to your business

    Ok rant over, opening day should be a ton of fun. My wife, who has converted into a baseball fan over the past few years is looking forward to seeing her first opener since the day Petco opened.

  8. The Sushi Deli 2 link in the restaurant guide is down. Anyone know if the place is still open, or know of another not too expensive sushi spot?

  9. So who won the opening day roster contest?

  10. #8: Thanks for the heads-up. Ra is better, anyway, IMO.

    #9: Working on that now. Hope to have results later this evening or possibly tomorrow.

  11. I’ll be waiting for my prize

  12. Figured that this would be a good place to ask for opinions on Petco. I’m visiting my wife’s family this summer and we’re taking in a game down in San Diego. I’ve never been to Petco before and know very little about it. Anything in particular at the stadium that we (bringing the kids) should take in before the game?
    Thanks. J.R.

  13. Re: 8 and 10 The Suhi Deli on Broadway is still open (dont know if thats number 2 or not).

    As for food goes I like Little Nicky Rottens for burgers which is located on 5th.

  14. #12: John, check out the Park in the Park at Petco and the Tony Gwynn statue. They also have a kiosk down there just for kids. Hotdogs for $1.50 and such.

  15. NOT RECOMEMDED downtown: Lou & Mickey’s

  16. Sorry, Not Recomended (sic)

  17. GY, enjoying the 2K8 DS Annual. If you are going to be at Friday night’s game, I’d like to get it signed. I especially liked the diary of the trip to Cooperstown.

  18. That was a nice out.

  19. Keystone cop play right there.

  20. Giles needs to save some of these hits for the regular season

  21. can someone explain to me why FSN has Angels vs Padres listed but has some NCAA documentary thing on…..

    and its last nights game on Ch. 4

    is there somewhere in SD to watch the game?

  22. gave that DP away….

  23. nice K there

  24. that was an ugly inning. Error on a potential DP and then a run scores on a WP

  25. #12…..Turbine Dude has it right. Park in the Park is great for the kids. Get them out on the miniature ball field and let em hit and run the bases. Also, arrive early and sit in left field for batting practice. Balls come flying in and you may just catch one.

  26. lol. the catcher steals a base against Estes (LHP) and Barrett. In Barrett’s defense, he had to double clutch on the throw.

  27. I’ve been able to watch that last inning on (free tonight) … pretty ugly … estes showing why he’s still got a looooong way to go … and eric sogard has some improving to do on his 2B defense …

  28. KG … HR to CF … Padres (finally) on the board …

  29. McAnulty with a single … happy-happy!

  30. Lynch Mob is right. If you want to witness the carnage go to:

    Then follow directions. Game over anyways………….

  31. Get it out of your systems….losing by 10 runs that is……Reality starts next week.

  32. This is a sneak preview of Bud’s Sunday Lineup Syndrome … since Padres are off on Sunday this week ;-)

  33. HUBER with 2-run HR!!!

  34. Man am I sad I went to that game…

    26: Why is that in Barret’s defense. He shouldnt be double clutching.

  35. 16: I like Lou and Mickey’s quite a bit. I’ve had season tix since Petco opened, and have probably eaten at L & M’s a hundred times by now. What did you not like about it?

  36. #3: Haven’t tried any of these yet. Thanks for the tips!

    #17: Thanks; glad you’re enjoying it. Unfortunately I won’t be at the game Friday night.

  37. “The Field” is an Irish Pub in the gaslamp. I think they have the best burgers in downtown.

  38. As far as the roster contest goes, at least we know nobody nailed all 25 with Huber in the mix.

  39. 38: The Field is definitely a good choice.

  40. Thanks for the tips, y’all.