Good Morning

If you can read this, it means we’re back up and running. I had something planned for this morning, back before my database became corrupt, but it will have to wait. I’ve been troubleshooting stuff for, like, four hours and I need to eat.

The gist of what I was going to say earlier is this: Getting swept at the hands of the Mariners this weekend sucked, but it’s hardly reason to panic. Seattle is a good team, and the Padres were in every one of those games. Yeah, they probably should have won two, maybe three of them. And if the Mariners were a lousy team, there’s a real good chance the Padres would have.

Stuff happens. It’s a long season. The sweep against the Dodgers was fun, the weekend against Seattle — a little less so. We really have a long way to go.

Speaking of which, I’m off to grab breakfast. When I’m done, I’ll post something with a little more substance. Thanks, folks, and go Padres!

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  1. Welcome back!

  2. Clearly, your database didn’t like what it saw in the Mariners’ series.

    BTW, just checking in on Adrian Gonzales’ stats and he’s been striking out a lot lately and he hasn’t had a walk in 6 games, the longest this season.

  3. [[Cross-posted from yesterday's IGD because it seems like Dunn may be moved soon...]]

    It lives!!! Glad to see you’ve resurrected Ducksnorts, Geoff.

    After thinking all nite about my Dunn comments, I’m still not sold on the move. I think that it would get a lot of fans to stop griping about our management, but I don’t think that should be the only goal. While I do think Dunn has value to add, I’m not sure he’s the best possible choice. However, our options could be limited, so we might have to go with him as the best available option.

    Here’s a question, though. Once Dunn is traded, he can become a FA next year. Would we want to sign him for like a 2 year deal? What could/should we trade to get him?

  4. Oh, and it was awesome meeting everyone on Saturday. It’s nice to be able to put a face to the names. I’d definitely be interested in another Ducksnorts get together later this year. Maybe we could do something at Elsinore?

  5. Thanks for the work getting the blog back up and the glass-half words.

    I only wish we didn’t have to wait a day to bounce back off this series.

  6. I don’t like the Dunn move if the Padres make this. The team is striking out enough already as it is. Plus, what is he going to do in LF? It’s hard to imagine that he’ll be better than P-Mac? Plus, he’ll be a FA at the end of the season. I’m all for renting a player for 3 months if he’ll push the Padres ahead for sure. Dunn, however, is not the answer.

    Now, if only Khalil would stop flailing at the sliders and Geoff Blum gets fewer and fewer and fewer and fewer pinch hit ABs, that’ll be improvements to the team.

  7. Reasons why the pads should not trade for Dunn

    1. He can’t play LF in Petco
    2. He will become a FA after the season ends
    3. Padres will not pay his market vaule to resign him at the end of the season (there is no way he will take a 2 year deal I would imagine he will get at least 5 years $65 mil)
    4. It would probably cost Chase Headly to get him.

  8. 6 & 7: Those are pretty much my reservations as well. However, I keep hearing everywhere how much the Padres and Dodgers are enamored with Dunn. I really worry that KT is pursuing Dunn simply to snag him from the Dodgers.

    I personally would love to see Dunn go to the Dodgers. Presumably, he replaces Ethier. Can anyone else salivate over a Gonzo/Pierre/Dunn OF playing in Dodger stadium? I know I can.

  9. KT could just be driving up the price for LA, they have been known to overpay at the trade deadline.

  10. After watching this series can anyone tell me why they don’t believe that Ichiro would be a good fit for CF at Petco 81 games a year?

    On another note, I think it may be time to think about moving Cla. I don’t think his value is going to improve ‘cuz I don’t think his numbers are going to get much better before the trade deadline.

    I also think it may be time to think about moving Greene as well. I’m sure his at bat on Friday cost us a run during the rally in the 7th inning when he swung first pitch for an out sandwiched between a 4-pitch walk and a 3-0 count on the next batter. With the exception of the first 2-weeks of the season, Greene has seemed lost at the plate.

    Lastly, don’t get me started on Black’s “slow hook”…

  11. Re: 10

    It will be hard to trade Cla at the moment because he is in a slump and his value is way way down.

    Greene is 2nd on the team in Runs, RBI’s and HR, the lack of prodction is team wide, and who will replace him Blum?

    Blacks slow hook has worked out more times then not it just failed him yeaterday

  12. 10: Who are you going to play instead of Khalil? Who do we have in our organization that can play a credible SS?

    I’m as frustrated as anyone about Khalil’s inconsistency at the plate (2 for 4 yesterday, ugly looking K late in the game), but I still think his D outweighs his offensive inconsistencies. Khalil gets it from every direction. First he’s not taking enough pitches. Then he was taking all the good pitches. Now he’s swinging at first pitches again and it’s a problem. People can’t have it both ways.

    I still think Khalil is a valuable asset on this team, and his offense is not the problem for San Diego. Our problem is a general lack of offense from the corner OFs (Cruz has done admirably, but he has been alone) and from our catcher and 3B (Kouz is coming around and I’m in no way proposing we do anything about him. Regardless, he’s still not producing up to average). SS is not an offensive position and if you think 100 games of Geoff Blum gets the Padres into the off-season, then I think we are watching different baseball games.

  13. #4: Likewise. An Elsinore trip is not out of the question.

    #10: It’s all about price with Ichiro. I haven’t had time to run the numbers yet, and without numbers, this becomes a political debate.

    Regarding Black’s slow hook, I think we’re going to see a lot of that. As managerial quirks go, I find it more bearable than refusing to play young position players.

  14. Re: 13 I still don’t have faith that the Pads will sign a big name this off-season. This years draft was again an example of the Moores unwillingness to take risks and spend money.

  15. #14: You may be right about the big name this off-season. And it may be in the Padres’ best interest to steer clear of the frenzy again. Depends on the market, among other things.

  16. Re:15 they have to enter the market and sign a CF because I dont think Howard or Macias will make the cut.

  17. #16: True, but there’s a difference between entering the market and being a slave to it. Look at how the Padres have built their bullpen this year vs how the Orioles have done it for example.

  18. Re: 17 true but finding a guy to come in and pitch 60 innings a year is a bit different than finding someone who can cover CF at petco.

    Also KT has proven he can consistently find the diamonds in the rough when it comes to pitching, but when it comes to the position players I would have to disagree.

  19. #18: I’m not making myself clear; point is, a team doesn’t need to throw big money at big names to be successful.

  20. Re: 19 very true and agree that staying out of the FA race last year was a good idea, they should not spend money just to spend money, but there are different needs this year. When a major position opens up such as CF and you have no one in your minor league system that is even close to being ready you have to spend the money to get a quality player there who can cover a lot of ground out there and not be a complete liability at the plate.

    I guess my point is that the padres need a good CF to be successful at Petco and there is a big difference between Ichiro/Hunter/Cameron/Jones and Byrenes/Paterson.

  21. Agreed that the Padres need a good CF in Petco. This is where my frustration from #13 comes into play. I simply haven’t had a chance to run numbers to argue for or against anyone. It’s great that we’re thinking about this stuff already, but for now the extent of my contribution has to be, I don’t know yet.

    I hate that. ;-)

  22. Khalil’s offense would be fine if the rest of the team is hitting.
    His defense is definitely needed for the Padres. I can’t see anyway that he should be traded.

    The Padres may have to overpay for a CF for two years this off season.
    I don’t see any of the top tiered CF signing for fewer than 3 years contract.
    Patterson should not be pursued as one of the option. He’s terrible.

  23. Re: Dunn’s defense – UZR has him at -7 runs, which is pretty bad but slightly better than Raul Ibanez and Pat Burrell, slightly worse than Hideki Matsui.

    I’m all for Dunn if we can sign him to a 3 year deal, or even just pick up his option right away. 5 years is too much. Ideally I’d like to see Dunn and Ichiro in the off season but that’s too much to ask for.

  24. 23: The way I understand his contract, Dunn’ option is elimintated when he’s traded. I could be wrong though.

  25. That’s what I hear too but it doesn’t mean he wouldn’t agree to picking it up now. Some guys like the security.

  26. Adam Dunn’s numbers:

    He doesn’t seem to hit that well on the road. I checked his road stats so far this year and it’s not good. His numbers at PETCO doesn’t seem that good either. That probably says more about the excellence of the Padres’ pitching staff, however.

    I’m not sure the Padres should pick up his options if they do trade for him this season.