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Before we get to all the good stuff everyone else is doing, I have to call my own number and let you know about my latest article at The Hardball Times, in which we discover that Adrian Gonzalez is real good. Yeah, you and I already knew that, but the rest of the world needs to get up to speed on him.

Fun stuff today; buckle up:

  • Quick! We need a plan! (Gaslamp Ball). jbox has identified an excellent three-point plan for success. The unstated fourth point, presumably, is to stop sucking.
  • Over at Friar Watch, Anthony’s done some excellent work breaking down the disastrous sixth inning of David Wells‘ Thursday start in Atlanta and also examining the classic matchup between future Hall of Famers Greg Maddux and John Smoltz. If you aren’t totally addicted to Anthony’s charts by now, what’s up with that?
  • Cameron’s stroke returning ( Corey Brock reminds us that Mike Cameron got off to a slow start last year as well.
  • Voodoo Sabermetrics – David Wells (The Extrapolator). I don’t even know how to describe this, so I won’t. It seems like an appropriate Friday read, though.
  • Untouchable: The Best Bullpens of 2007 (So Far) (Beyond the Boxscore). This is before the blips in Atlanta; you know who’s on top. Incidentally, I have a theory that I’m thinking on right now — something about how organizational overreliance on a strength can diminish the effectiveness of that strength. I’m not sure how to test this, but it seems that in real life, incredibly effective people can burn out if overused — especially if they’re constantly picking up the slack for folks who aren’t doing their jobs. I could be speaking nonsense here, but I suspect I’m not.
  • Indians hot, but Barfield still warming (San Diego Union-Tribune). Everybody’s favorite former second baseman is adjusting to life in Cleveland. Batting just .208/.243/.264, Barfield forever will be a part of Padres lore thanks to the walkoff homer he knocked against Colorado’s Brian Fuentes last September 4 (as chronicled in the — shameless plug alert — Ducksnorts 2007 Baseball Annual). Here’s to better days for young Mr. Barfield.
  • The Bizarro Hall Of Fame: Introducing The Class Of 1988 (One More Dying Quail). What is the Bizarro Hall Of Fame? Good question:

    It was created in the wake of Major League Baseball’s infamous Steroid Era as a way of honoring those players whose careers were perfectly mediocre: the only requirement is that a candidate be listed on the official Baseball Hall of Fame ballot and receive zero votes.

    An interesting list. Former Padres Randy Jones and Willie Montanez show up here.

  • Good for a laugh … (So they let the pitchers hit here? via FanHouse). Yo, Emmanuel Lewis is in the house.
  • Yankees Hit The Panic Button (Rumors and Rants). Interesting comparison between the Yankees and Padres in terms of what both clubs are paying their pitching staffs and what they’re getting in return for the investment.
  • Padres reviewing alcohol policy as Cardinals arrive (North County Times). Sad that it takes someone getting killed to think about this stuff, but better late than never. On a brighter note, the Storm are coming to town on June 9 and will play at Petco before the Padres game against the Mariners. Last year we had a meetup for the doubleheader; maybe we should do it again?

And now here’s Peter with the PPF (I didn’t run yesterday’s due to the morning game, so today we get a double dose; woo-hoo!):

The Padres Prospect Report

by Peter Friberg

You will not see all the notable performances from the night before, but you will see the notable performances from those who are actually prospects.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Jared Wells: 5.0 IP, 11 H, 8 R, 7 ER, 2 BB, 8 SO, 2 HR


Chase Headley: 3 AB, 1 R, 1 H, 1 RBI; 3B, HBP


Matt Antonelli: 4 AB, 2 R, 2 H, 0 RBI; 2B, 2 SO
Chad Huffman: 4 AB, 1 R, 2 H, 2 RBI; 2B, SO
Kyle Blanks: 4 AB, 2 R, 2 H, 4 RBI; 2B, HR


G1: Cedric Hunter: 3 AB, 0 R, 1 H, 2 RBI; 2 BB
G2: Cedric Hunter: 4 AB, 3 R, 2 H, 2 RBI; BB
G2: Daryl Jones: 3 AB, 2 R, 2 H, 2 RBI; 2B, 2 BB,
G2: Rayner Contreras: 4 AB, 3 R, 1 H, 3 RBI; HR, BB, SO
G2: Kyler Burke: 3 AB, 1 R, 1 H, 2 RBI; BB, 2 SO


After baseball has its amateur draft in June, teams will need to cut some players and promote others to make room for the incoming players. Jared Wells is playing like he wants to get cut.

The Lake Elsinore Storm may not be the ’27 Yankees, but that’s a heck of a lineup to get through: Antonelli (.307/.423/.456), David Freese (.296/.381/.478), Huffman (295/.382/.486), and Blanks (.312/.377/.505) make up 2 through 5 in the batting order (statistics are prior to Wednesday’s game).

Thursday, May 10, 2007


Tim Stauffer: 5.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 5 SO, 0 HR


Chase Headley: 3 AB, 0 R, 1 H, 0 RBI; 2B, BB, SO
Cesar Ramos: 6.0 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 3 BB, 3 SO, 0 HR


Yordany Ramirez: 3 AB, 0 R, 2 H, 0 RBI; CS


Rayner Contreras: 5 AB, 2 R, 2 H, 2 RBI; HR, SO
Kyler Burke: 4 AB, 0 R, 0 H, 1 RBI; BB


There is a certain physical element to playing baseball, but more than any other sport, it is about the mental aspects. And pitching in particular is more about the mental aspects than other positions. When a pitcher doesn’t trust his stuff, it doesn’t matter how good the stuff is. And even without “lights out” stuff, when a pitcher is on his game, he can get people out. The rest of Tim Stauffer’s career depends more on what’s going on between his ears than it does about what comes out of release.

Cesar Ramos has had two bad starts (7 ER in 3.2 IP on 4/8 and 5 ER in 4.0 IP on 4/25). Other than those two poor outings, Ramos has allowed 6 ER in 32 IP. Even his hit-rate & K/9 are decent (40 hits allowed in 39.2 IP and 6.13/9).

Kyler is struggling (.194/.276/.247).

Thanks, Peter. Here’s hoping Stauffer can resurrect his career. Happy Friday, folks! The Padres are back in town tonight and will send Jake Peavy to the mound in the first of three against St. Louis. We’ll have the IGD up and running by 6 p.m. PT.

Rock on!

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  1. Thanks for the link. I’m oddly proud of the fact that you don’t know how to describe the feature. I think that’s what we were shooting for.

  2. I gotta like our chances tonite, with Jake on the hill and the Cards rolling into town. Jake’s been dominant this year, and the Cardinals, well, they haven’t been.

  3. 2: recipe for a “correction,” I’m afraid.

  4. Be wary. Kip Wells fits the mold of a stereotypical pitcher with high ERA who comes into Petco and mows down the Padres.

    One appearance in Petco:

    August 7, 2004:
    8.1 IP, 3 h, 1 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 118 pitches, winning pitcher

  5. I’d love to get together for the Storm doubleheader Geoff. Let’s try and get a group out there for the game.

  6. Holy crap does Jared Wells suck or what, and what the hell has gotten into Cesar Ramos? Cesar is really going to start turning some heads if he keeps pitching like that. Isn’t he a lefty? Wasn’t it just last year that J. Wells was looking like the next guy to possibly break the rotation?

  7. How great is it to have Jake Peavy to send to the mound after that brutal series in Atlanta? Let’s get better starting tonight.

  8. OT … Way OT … a friend forward this to me in an email … not sure where he got it from … but it seemed worth passing along …

    Brewers May Literally Be Making Fans Pee Pants
    Posted May 9th 2007 9:59PM by PostmanR
    Filed under: Brewers, NL Central, MLB Fans, Milwaukee

    This, my friends, is what it’s all about. You see, the Brewers are making their fans very excited and all with the best record in the majors. And, to celebrate their newfound good fortunes which may lead to a playoff appearance, fans are taking things to the next level over at

    “I have never seen a full Brewers season where they make the playoffs. Born in July 1982, I missed that amazing World Series run. It’s been a long 24 years- the longest playoff drought in baseball. With a young team of quality stars and shrewd management, we’re boldly making our move. I get so excited thinking about the Brewers now, a little pee comes out. In fact, when the Brewers make the playoffs I will pee my pants”.

    Right now 1,019 Milwaukee fans have pledged to pee their pants if the Brew Crew makes the playoffs.

    … this may be more appropriate for … but, hey, perhaps it has broader appeal … you decide …

  9. #8: Okay, that is pretty funny. Definitely should give Gaslamp the heads-up, too.

  10. Also at The Hardball Times, an article about WPA (Win Probability Added) shows that Adrian Gonzalez is clutch (almost as clutch as Miguel Olivo!) and confirms the Padres bullpen is the best.

  11. With Bardo struggling at the plate, what’s the status on Todd Greene? Any update on his rehab? Will he actively contribute to this team this year?

  12. If you’re hoping for Todd Greene to contribute to anything baseball related I think you might be waiting a long, long time……I’m not sure the guy has ever been a productive hitter and coming off a major injury..God help the Pads if he is getting regular AB’s