Elsinore Photos

We made it out to the Storm game Saturday night. After brief stops for Indian buffet on Black Mountain Road and a little gaming at Pechanga, we worked our way up to Lake Elsinore.

A guy in the parking lot had bought a bunch of tickets for a group event, and many of his peeps didn’t show, so we ended up in Section 109, off to the third base side, rather than our customary seats behind the plate. The bad news is, the Storm lost, 6-0, and collected just two hits. The good news is, one of those two hits was a double off the bat of left fielder Drew Davidson. He was the “Double-Double” batter of the game, which meant that if he hit a double, everyone in — you guessed it — Section 109 got a free Double-Double at In ‘N’ Out. [Update: Matt reminds me in the comments that In 'N' Out is a regional chain so I've added a link to help alleviate any confusion.]

Needless to say, Davidson is my new favorite player.

Third baseman Chase Headley was hitless in four at-bats, striking out in each of his first two at-bats. Right-hander Mike Ekstrom looked okay. I wasn’t paying close enough attention to give full details, but his fastball was 86-90 mph.

We also got to see one of those plays that only happens in the minor leagues. Storm reliever Chris Jaile uncorked a wild pitch that bounced back to the screen. The runner started to break from third but retreated when catcher Colt Morton pounced on the rebound. Unfortunately, Morton didn’t realize the runner had returned to third and flipped the ball toward the plate, where Jaile was standing but not really paying attention and it sailed past him, allowing the run to score.

On another note, my wife asked me something I’ve been wondering myself for some time. If you’ve ever been to the Diamond, you know that there’s a retired number out on the center field fence: Urso #7. Who is he? Now the head coach at the University of Tampa, apparently a heckuva guy.

Shut up already, where are the photos? Funny you should ask. They’re right here:


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  1. Who got sent down? Adkins? I cant find it anywhere.

  2. What is a “Double-Double at In ‘N’ Out”

  3. Hank: Yes, Adkins was sent back to Portland.

    Matt: In ‘N’ Out is a hamburger chain that has locations in California, Arizona, and Nevada. A Double-Double is their signature burger with two beef patties and two slices of cheese. It pretty much rocks.

  4. Double-double’s rock … until you’ve had the 4×4!

  5. You guys must have had one too many watching the Saturday night game…although Chris Jaile did have a wild pitch on the 6th, the account of what happened afterwards, actually ocurred during the top of the 8th. inning to the pitcher who had replaced Jaile, Gregory Burke.