Ducksnorts Radio Episode 2

Well, that sure was a lousy way to finish a homestand. On a brighter note, I’m happy to report that episode 2 of Ducksnorts Radio is now on the air:

Ducksnorts Radio Episode 2: Aug. 14, 2005 (16:21, 5.6MB)
Today’s show features a recap of the recently completed homestand against the New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies; a look at the upcoming road trip to the southeast; an update on the Phil Nevin/Chan Ho Park trade; and a rant about the continued lack of playing time for Xavier Nady. Thanks for joining us, and enjoy!

Here’s hoping the sequel is even better than the original. Thanks to everyone for the excellent suggestions from the first episode of Ducksnorts Radio. I was able to incorporate some of those, such as:

  • More opinion. Oh yeah, no shortage of opinion on this one.
  • Someone else on the show. I managed to nab Jeff Bryant, from Syntax of Things, to help preview the upcoming series with the Braves in Atlanta. We didn’t really argue, but I think it’s still pretty cool.
  • Wider variety of music. I’ve still got some of the heavy stuff in there, but I did manage to mangle include a Miles Davis piece arranged for guitar.

Without getting into too much detail, the production process was way different than last time. Hopefully the sound quality is okay and you find this stuff interesting. It still took me about 6-7 hours to get everything together, so I probably won’t be doing podcasts on a super regular basis, at least not right now. But I may bust one out every now and then just to spice things up a little.

Catch y’all later…

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  1. Nice work, Goff. Got one pet peavey, though. I cringe when people call it San Diego California. SD is the sixth largest city in the US and everyone knows where is it. You don’t say San Fransisco California, or New York, which is in New York. Adding the state makes SD sound like Tracy or Mojovi. It’s sufficent to say San Diego, and eveeryone listening on the East will pine for out French Riveria-like (that’s in France which is in Europe) weather.

    Oh dear, I’m ranting again. Sorry bout that. Must be the lousy baseball played all weekend long. Unless you a vista little league fan, then it was a great weekend.

    Bumbers where good and the interview was cool.

    What program do you use to make these recordings, ha, recordings (what decade was I born in, never mind)?

    Go Padres, by which I mean to encourage our mediocore team to better things, not have them move to LA or some other place that enjoys pain and humliation.

    But I not bitter, just righteously pissed off

    Padre Mike

  2. Point taken, Mike. Actually, I would say “San Francisco, California,” but that’s just me. Not sure about New York, but then, I don’t see myself going there anytime soon if I can help it. ;-)

    As for the “recording” process (that’s still what I call it, too; and all my CDs are “records”), when I’ve got it a little more refined, I’ll write some documentation. Here’s the gist of it:

    I’m doing the recording on a Tascam Pocketstudio 5 digital 4-track recorder. I mix these down to mp3 format using the PS5. For this episode I used five different files (one with the theme song, one with the incidental music, three with spoken segments).

    I edited the files in Wave Pad, which is available as a free download. It’s a surprisingly sophisticated program – you can cut and paste files (and parts of files) add reverb, fade in, fade out, all kinds of stuff. I’m just learning how to use the software, so the editing job alone took almost two hours. I think there were something like 21 cuts jammed into the final output.

    Anyway, I’m glad you’re enjoying them!

  3. Present company excluded, of course. ;-) Sorry, been to NY once; that was enough for me.

  4. Nicely done, Geoff.