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Server Move Has Begun

Just a quick administrative update. The server move has begun. I hope to have everything completed by the end of the weekend. Once again, I don’t expect the site to experience significant downtime. But if for whatever reason you can’t find us, I’ve mirrored this blog at http://members.cts.com/king/g/gyoung/ducksnorts/weblog/; that URL will be good through the [...]

Fried Twinkies, Arizona Fall League, and Servers

In the “Disgusting-But-I-Just-Might-Have-To-Try-It” department, we have fried Twinkies. Yikes… Blogging is kind of like a virus that just keeps on spreading. I ran a Google search on Ducksnorts, and here are some sites that link to me: Hoo Boy! Cleveland Indians Report Detroit Tigers Weblog America’s Pastime Casa de los Padres People’s Republic of Seabrook [...]