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Retiring Number 51

The Padres will retire Trevor Hoffman’s number 51 before Sunday afternoon’s game against the Florida Marlins, Hoffman’s first big-league team. To prepare for this momentous occasion, I thought it might be fun to revisit some past articles about the man here at Ducksnorts.

Home, Home on the Road

We recently examined the Padres’ poor performance at Petco Park. Reader bee1000 asked in the comments: “Were the Padres’ home/road records any different prior to Petco?” It’s a good question, with a clear and simple answer: Yes. The Padres’ ability to win at home hasn’t changed since moving from Qualcomm to Petco; however, their ability [...]

Regardless of Venue, Homers Are Hard to Come By in San Diego

The folks at Gaslamp Ball have a fun article up about polarizing topics for Padres fans. Among the topics is Petco Park’s effect on offense. It’s a legitimate concern, but part of the discussion centers on a fallacy: “Fans used to seeing home runs fly out of a Qualcomm Stadium at an average rate were [...]

Coming On Like a Hurricane

In the wake of Trevor Hoffman’s recent retirement announcement, I thought we’d go dancing in the dark, walking through the park and reminiscing. Or we could just skip all that and head straight for the rolling thunder and pouring rain…

Why Can’t the Padres Capture Our Imagination (and Money)?

I’m working on my Padres preview for Hardball Times, and one question that confounds me is this: Why won’t San Diego get behind the Padres? I don’t have an answer, but I’d love to hear some theories. While you’re thinking about that, here’s a nice table for your viewing pleasure: Padres Winning Percentage and Home [...]