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So Close, No Matter How Far

The tricky thing about spring training is figuring out what means anything. I guess that’s no different from the rest of life, but when someone tells me that Chase Headley has a boatload of RBI in the Cactus League, what am I supposed to do? “How nice for him,” I could say as I smile, [...]

Partly Focused, with a Ten Percent Chance of Useful

Like that new Metallica song, I’m scattered and unfocused today, with hopefully a touch of good stuff in there somewhere… Folks have been singing the praises of Cha Seung Baek because his fastball actually creeps into the mid-90s. I look at his track record and apparent disinterest in attacking hitters, and have concerns, but Monday [...]

Bad Closer Entrance Music

Eric Mirlis has written an article about closer entrance music over at TheMirl.com. He focuses on the songs of both New York closers (Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” — not a bad choice, although I prefer “Wherever I May Roam,” which Akinori Otsuka used when he was here), but it got me to thinking: which song(s) would [...]