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This and That

Recovering from last week’s shows, getting ready for this week’s. Thinking of tie-ins for our band name. Like a drink, maybe. Anybody know of a drink that needs a name? I can’t promise you much. A t-shirt. And my gratitude. If you have a drink that you think could be called a “Chin Wagger” drop [...]

Greene Day

The big news, of course, is that Khalil Greene has won the shortstop job. Rey Ordonez abruptly and unexpectedly left camp, essentially giving Greene the nod. It should be said that Greene was making a strong claim on the position even before Ordonez left (which may also have been a contributing factor to Ordonez’ departure). [...]

"Stars of the Future" Game

Grabbed some bagels and coffee, filled up the tank. Picked up my buddy Jeff at his place, hit the freeway a little after 7:30 Sunday morning. Got to Yuma around 11:15 local time. Realized we had no idea where the stadium was. Stopped at a Circle K for directions; the woman who helped us seemed [...]

Comps for Jake Gautreau

Back from Vegas. Almost bailed out on my excursion to Big Bear due to rain, but figured since it was pouring all over SoCal it didn’t really matter which way I went. So I took a drive through the mountains, and I’m glad I did. Saw one of the more spectacular rainbows I’ve seen outside [...]