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Me, Elsewhere: Extreme Ballparks of the NL West

My latest at Baseball Prospectus ($) revisits a familiar topic, with an added wrinkle. We know that the Padres, who play half their games in baseball’s least hitter-friendly environment, enjoy less of a home-field advantage than many other teams. Replace “least” and “less” with “most” and “more,” and we’re talking about the Rockies. The wrinkle [...]

Home, Home on the Road

We recently examined the Padres’ poor performance at Petco Park. Reader bee1000 asked in the comments: “Were the Padres’ home/road records any different prior to Petco?” It’s a good question, with a clear and simple answer: Yes. The Padres’ ability to win at home hasn’t changed since moving from Qualcomm to Petco; however, their ability [...]