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Thursday Links (4 Aug 11)

It’s not the space cowboy, the gangster of love, or even Maurice. It’s just links… 50 stolen bases and .500 slugging (Baseball-Reference). Former Padres Tony Gwynn and Rickey Henderson appear on this list, as does arguably the most talented baseball player I’ve ever seen, Eric Davis. Also, how great was Cesar Cedeno, doing it at [...]

Wednesday Links (13 Apr 11)

While the Padres have been busy losing winnable games, I’ve been busy doing life stuff. In lieu of actual content, here are some links…

Congrats to Goose on Overcoming Extreme Voter Stupidity Syndrome

Congratulations to ex-Padre Rich “Goose” Gossage on being voted into the baseball Hall of Fame. Better late than never, eh? On another note, three of the following five pitchers are in the Hall of Fame. One is still on the ballot, while the fifth has been dropped from consideration. Can you tell which is which [...]

Friday Links (4 Jan 08)

Got the coffee flowing, music playing: Massive Attack, Groove Collective, and George Benson if anyone cares. The Benson is his The Other Side of Abbey Road, which is full of Beatles songs and which absolutely sizzles. His guitar lines are so fluid, it’s disgusting. I mean, he’s not Joe Pass or Grant Green, but still. [...]