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In Defense of Nick Hundley

Steve at Friarhood Radio recently had me on his show to discuss Jed Hoyer’s off-season moves, the role of sabermetrics in today’s game, and more. I get all rambly, as usual, but it was good fun. Big thanks to Steve for the chat. One item that came up in conversation is whether Nick Hundley can [...]

Three Random Comparisons

Just some stuff that’s been on my mind of late… stats are through July 22. Nick Hundley, Ron Karkovice, Jason LaRue, Mike Macfarlane In the Ducksnorts 2009 Baseball Annual, I compared Hundley to a couple of defense-first, swing-for-the-fences catchers. In the interest of accountability, I thought I’d see how these guys stack up at the [...]

Radio Wrapup

I was fortunate enough to appear on three different radio programs this past week. Archived versions of two are available online: New York Sports Exchange Friarhood Radio The third, with Elliott Price and the gang at The Team 990, happened in real time only and is lost to the world forever. If you missed it, [...]