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Tuesday Links (1 Mar 11)

Cleaning off the metaphorical desk… Cajon Speedway Track History (Tracks Back When). Who knew the old Cajon Speedway was supposed to be a baseball facility for a Detroit Tigers farm club back in the day? You did, that’s who! Veteran Gerut announces his retirement (MLB.com). Good on former Padres center fielder Jody Gerut for realizing [...]

Bounce or Crash?

This is a guest post by long-time Ducksnorts reader and contributor Tom Waits. Few teams have fallen so far, so fast, as the 2008 Padres. A team that was one out away from the playoffs in September 2007 is now 33 games under .500, with a very real chance of picking first in next year’s [...]

Interview: Steve Poltz, Part 5

In Part 4 of our chat with singer/songwriter/Padre fan Steve Poltz poltz.com, Steve talked about Steve Garvey’s homer in the NLCS in ’84, shagging fly balls while Tony Gwynn took batting practice, and more. In our final segment, Steve discusses his meeting of Ken Caminiti, the heartbreak of watching USD alum Brady Clark struggle in [...]

Fried Twinkies, Arizona Fall League, and Servers

In the “Disgusting-But-I-Just-Might-Have-To-Try-It” department, we have fried Twinkies. Yikes… Blogging is kind of like a virus that just keeps on spreading. I ran a Google search on Ducksnorts, and here are some sites that link to me: Hoo Boy! Cleveland Indians Report Detroit Tigers Weblog America’s Pastime Casa de los Padres People’s Republic of Seabrook [...]