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Adams and Ludwick Go, Bell Stays, Godzilla Threatens to Destroy Village

You know how all those people in the Godzilla movies are running around like crazy all the time on account of the giant lizard thing that keeps chasing them? Twitter at baseball’s non-waiver trade deadline is like that, only without the lizard. Jed Hoyer isn’t doing anything. Why isn’t he doing anything? Oh crap, he [...]

The Girls Ran Screaming Behind Him on the Beach

Do you remember where you were when the Ben Davis Era (TM) ended? Neither do I. Let’s face it, that’s not the sort of thing one remembers in a life full of Things That Matter (TM). (What’s up with all the TM’s, anyway? Or as I like to say, WUWATTA? (TM)) Quick refresher: The Padres [...]

Stupid Padre Tricks: Two Games or Fewer Pitched (2000-2008)

On Monday, we ran through the list of players who pitched two games or fewer for the Padres from 1969 to 1999. Today we check out the rest of the lot. Interestingly, only seven guys met our criteria in the club’s first 31 years of existence, while nine have done so in the last nine. [...]

Comps for Jake Gautreau

Back from Vegas. Almost bailed out on my excursion to Big Bear due to rain, but figured since it was pouring all over SoCal it didn’t really matter which way I went. So I took a drive through the mountains, and I’m glad I did. Saw one of the more spectacular rainbows I’ve seen outside [...]