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Do Everything

The idea was that I’d take some time off between Christmas and New Year to relax before pushing hard to finish the book. The reality was that I found myself involved in three other projects: I’m honored to announce that I’ll be writing at Baseball Digest Daily in 2008. Joe Hamrahi and company do awesome [...]

Operation Center Field: Framing the Problem

I’ve been dreading this post (series of posts, really), been avoiding the subject for several months because it’s complex and difficult to frame. I’m still not ready to write about it in any meaningful way, but we can’t put it off any longer. Maybe the exercise itself will help us. The Problem Mike Cameron‘s contract [...]

Anatomy of a Winning Streak

Now that it’s over (though not without a fight — down 7-0 after 2 innings at Coors Field, the Padres came storming back, only to lose, 12-10), I thought I’d take a closer look at the Padres’ 14 game winning streak. My primary focus is on starting pitching. I’ll examine wins, Ron Shandler’s Pure Quality [...]