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Friday Links (12 Nov 10)

One of the great things about doing crossword puzzles is that you get to use words that you would never, in any other circumstance, get to use. “Oleo” is my favorite. It shows up at least twice a week and usually is accompanied by a clue that reads, “Fridge item that you don’t call by [...]

Alderson Clearinghouse

With Sandy Alderson being one of two finalists for the New York Mets GM vacancy, there has been renewed interest in a three-part interview I conducted with him in June 2008. This past weekend, excerpts appeared at Metszilla and ESPN New York. I chatted with Lori Rubinson on her WFAN radio show Sunday night and [...]

Thursday Links (14 Oct 10)

Go crazy…

Tuesday Links (28 Sep 10)

I hate writing the intros to these things. The pressure to say something witty is enormous and I always fall short. Then again, in so doing, I remove my own burden. I feel better already…

Wednesday Links (15 Sep 10)

What day is it even? Here, have some links while I’m trying to get my act together…

Friday Links (16 Apr 10)

This week’s links are proudly sponsored by coffee. Give yourself a present… Uno Oh, To Be A Padre In August ’80 (Baseball-Reference). Steve Lombardi notes that the Padres played three games of 17 innings or more within a 12-day stretch back in 1980. Yikes. Bill James for Nobel (Sabermetric Research). This article from Phil Birnbaum [...]

Friday Links (26 Mar 10)

Links, links, links, links, links, links, baked beans, links, links, links, and links… Talking with Bill James: Part 1 (Cincinnati Sports News) C. Trent Rosecrans chats with James about the relative merits of Barry Larkin and Tony Gwynn, among many other things. James responds to the question of whether we understand baseball any more now [...]

Me, Elsewhere: Translating Batting Lines into Pitching Lines

My latest at Hardball Times dusts off an old Bill James toy that attempts to show what a hitter’s output might look like recast as a pitching line. For example, if we take Adrian Gonzalez’s 2009 season, we get the following pitching line (see the article for methodology): IP H R ER BB SO ERA [...]

Links for 4 Nov 08

I have decided, for the first time in 20 years, to participate in a general election. Ordinarily in life I try to stay as far away from politics as possible, but one measure on the California ballot and two political parties have convinced that it’s time for me to get off my butt and vote. [...]

Familiar Refrain

On pages 141-143 of his 1985 Baseball Abstract, Bill James launches into a discussion of whether baseball dynasties are a thing of the past. This is technically his essay on the San Diego Padres, who were the defending National League champions, although only two paragraphs focus on the Padres: I do not see the Padres [...]