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Thursday Links (8 Sep 11)

The mind will wander while driving along I-25, south from Albuquerque, through Socorro, to Truth or Consequences and points beyond. The Rio Grande traces the interstate, lining a verdant path through the dusty corridor of southern New Mexico. A man walks along the side of the road, carrying a backpack and a sign that reads, [...]

Saturday Links (18 Sep 10)

When the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around…

Olive Pudding

It’s great to see the Padres sign all their top draft picks this year. First-round pick Donavan Tate (whom I was fortunate enough to meet last week, but we’ll get to that in a moment) took batting practice with the big club Tuesday night and impressed the veterans with his “respect and humility.” Tom Krasovic [...]

Wednesday Links (1 Nov 06)

In honor of Bruce Bochy’s departure, we’ll break free from an almost fanatical devotion to predetermined roles and let the situation dictate our actions. Here, a couple days earlier than usual, are your links: Future Padre – Adrian Beltre (?) (Padres RunDown). Peter Friberg continues his look at potential solutions to the third base problem. [...]