Me, Elsewhere: On the Bright Side, At Least Tejada Is No Longer Our Problem

My latest at Baseball Prospectus ($) touches on the Padres’ struggles at Petco Park (I’m working on a follow-up to yesterday’s piece), as well as Andre Ethier’s recent 30-game hitting streak, Kelly Johnson’s early season struggles in Arizona, and the efficiency of Rockies pitchers… Oh yeah, and a certain ex-Padre who has been even worse (and more expensive) than our very own Brad Hawpe:

Player         PA   BA  OBP  SLG OPS+ $M
Miguel Tejada 126 .195 .230 .263  36   6.5
Brad Hawpe     97 .180 .237 .281  49   4 3


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  1. I’m taking great pleasure that nearly every single San Francisco position player is doing worse than in 2010. Even Posey has been merely average.

    It really makes you wonder how they thought a roster filled with old guys wouldn’t experience some age-related decline.

  2. @Zach

    They had Barry Bonds defying age for so long, they just got confused and thought it was just something in the water

  3. Sabean seems to have this as a core philosophy, imo.

  4. Has the Padres’ season come to this? Comparing Hawpe to Tejada? Our worst isn’t as bad as your worst? It’s not even June yet. :)

  5. @Didi,
    Yup, schadenfreude and a massive inferiority complex are all we have left. Oh and BTW, my big brother can beat up your little sister too.

  6. @parlo: ha…ha….but can he beat up pitching offered in NL West? if so, grab Hawpe leaden glove and man that corner, say hello to coach Roberts.

  7. SF has done well with older players, aside from Bonds.