Me, Elsewhere: On Streaks, Jansen, and Posey

My latest at Baseball Prospectus ($) focuses on Arizona’s recent hot streak, the Padres’ recent (well, since April anyway) cold streak, the Rockies’ even colder streak, Kenley Jansen’s freakishly high ERA and strikeout rate, and Buster Posey’s season-ending ankle injury.

From the article:

Speaking of last year’s surprise team, the Padres appear to be on a road to nowhere. Management hasn’t committed to looking toward 2012 yet, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that this is the best course of action. From May 17 to May 28, the Padres went 3-8 and hit .186/.231/.273, scoring as many as three runs in a game exactly once and scoring just 15 runs total.

On the bright side, the Padres are now 14-11 on the road. Go figure…

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  1. i still have the compadres pin from early 2000s courtesy of a road trip to Anaheim to watch the Padres. I think this may have been the game that I saw the emergence of one Brian Lawrence. Quick game, low scoring (under 2:10).

    the pin bears the sign road-warriors. perhaps, that pin should be awarded this team. :)