Tuesday Links (27 Jul 10)

You ever feel like there’s not enough time to read everything? Or maybe that’s just me…

  • The Indie Scene (Hardball Times). Richard Barbieri attended an Atlantic League game and tells us about it. Apparently Wily Mo Pena (whom the Padres recently signed because the entire Portland Beavers outfield is in San Diego) crushed a ball to dead center off Kip Wells. Good times.
  • Wade LeBlanc’s Houdini Act (FanGraphs). From David Golebiewski: “Wade LeBlanc is in a fantastic situation as a result of pitching in a cavernous park behind quality fielders. But eventually, he’s going to get himself into some jams from which he won’t be able to escape.” Perhaps LeBlanc should switch to Tchaikovsky for his entrance music.
  • TinCaps’ Galvez enjoys career night (MiLB.com). Drew Cumberland was getting most of the attention before his recent knee injury, but don’t forget about Jonathan Galvez. I like when 19-year-old shortstops hit three home runs in a Midwest League game. I also like that Jedd Gyorko has moved up to Fort Wayne.
  • Oswalt or Bust (Friarhood). Steve wants to see the Padres trade for Roy Oswalt and his ugly contract.
  • Band of brothers: Pastime unites siblings (Padres.com). From the article: “…the Hairston brothers were raised on hardball, with their father, Jerry, having played 14 seasons in the Majors, and their grandfather, Sam, having been a Negro Leagues star before becoming the first African-American to play for the Chicago White Sox in 1951. Jerry Jr. and Scott’s uncle, John, also suited up for the Cubs for three games in ’69.”
  • Teams Should Be Allowed to Trade Draft Picks (FanGraphs). Pat Andriola isn’t the first to suggest this, of course. Still, it remains an intriguing idea, although I’m not sure how practical it might be… particularly to get buy-in from all parties.
  • October Game Changers (Baseball-Reference). Steve Garvey had one of the biggest hits ever in a postseason game as a member of the Padres. On an unrelated note, I wonder if the Dodgers will ever retire his number.
  • Hiring Ryne Sandberg might bring unwanted pain, Cubs fans (Big League Stew). Friend of Ducksnorts Ian Casselberry makes a guest appearance and compares Sandberg’s (potential) situation with Alan Trammell’s a few years ago when the Tigers legend (and Kearny High alum) tried his hand at managing.
  • The average number of pitches thrown per game is rising (Baseball-Reference). Andy finds, among other things, that “relievers threw 40 pitches per game in 1988 and 52 pitches per game in 2009.”
  • Calculating Charlie Brown’s Wins, Losses, & Other Stats: the 1960s (Wezen-Ball). This has been around a while, but wow.
  • VIP entrance, press box tour, conversation with the Ecksteins and Padres’ win in one day? Oh my! (Perpetual Padres Saga). Hyun, Kaybee, and friends got to meet the Ecksteins at a recent game. One downside of covering the team as much as I have over the years is that it’s easy to become jaded. Reading stuff like this reminds me of why I fell in love with baseball back in the day.
  • Eckstein to DL. Padres still win. (Kept Faith). Speaking of David Eckstein, hating on him is as fresh today as it ever was. Original thought is good.
  • Top 50 Baseball Players (Baseball Reality Tour). Here’s a fun list. Adrian Gonzalez checks in at #19, while Mat Latos is #31. Local products Stephen Strasburg (SDSU) and Brian Matusz (USD) also make the cut.
  • High School Draft Picks: Chapter VI, Conclusions, Summary, Future Research (The Winning Mind in Baseball). This is the final part of a fascinating series by Geoff Miller:

    In 1998, for my Master’s Thesis at San Diego State University, I chose to study the “Decision-Making Factors Governing High School Players’ Choice of a College or Professional Baseball Opportunity.” I wanted to know what factors were most important to high school seniors who were drafted and had to choose between signing or going to school as I had known many players who regretted their choices years after they made them.

    Be sure to follow the links to other parts of the series.

  • Latos Is Good…But Not This Good (Friar Forecast). Daniel isn’t impressed with Mat Latos’ success in 2010.
  • On not getting enough for Dan Haren (SweetSpot). If I haven’t said so before, I’m glad Josh Byrnes isn’t running things in Arizona anymore. I don’t wish ill will on Byrnes, but he seemed to know what he was doing and I’d just as soon not see a division rival have a guy like that making decisions.
  • Haren’s “Haul” (UPDATED) (FanGraphs). Bryan Smith offers his thoughts on the Haren heist. Dave Cameron weighs in as well.
  • Roseanne Barr sang the National Anthem between Padres games 20 years ago today (Gaslamp Ball). Jbox recalls one of the finer moments in Padres history. Ah, the Tom Werner days… he did so many wonderful things to this franchise.
  • Marlins’ incredible week of walk-off wins (Baseball-Reference). Good on the Fish, but did you know that the Padres lead MLB with nine walkoff wins in 2010?
  • A Closer Look at Gregerson’s Slider (FanGraphs). Everyone loves Luke Gregerson’s slider… except that one guy at FOX Sports. Pretty charts and stuff.
  • Padres Grounds Crew Dims Stadium’s Lights For Romantic Night Game (The Onion). “Umpires later ejected Casey Blake when the Dodgers third baseman charged the mound and attempted to stuff a chocolate-dipped strawberry into pitcher Jon Garland’s mouth.” [h/t Gaslamp Ball]

Garland faces the Dodgers tonight. Watch out for strawberries.

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  1. I wouldn’t say “not impressed.” Latos has actually exceeded even my most optimistic expectations. But when talking about the degree of impressiveness, it’s tough to ignore that BABIP and LOB%. Lets just say I think Latos has been VERY good, just not Cy Young worthy.

    By the way, thanks for putting together this set of links. As usual, lots of great stuff!

  2. Padres’ odds of making the playoffs now > 75!


    Their odds have increased from 52% at ASB … the largest increase in MLB during that span … aided by Rox and Dogs doing poorly …

  3. Maybe Arizona had the right idea, picking up starting lefty pitchers. There are a lot of lefty sluggers in the league. From Arizona’s standpoint, they face Adrian with the Padres, Ethier with the Dodgers, Huff with the Giants, and Carlos Gonzalez, Ian Stewart, and Seth Smith with the Rockies, to say nothing of Helton, Giambi and Hawpe, all in their own division.

    Elsewhere in the league, there’s Fielder in Milwaukee, Howard and Utley in Philly, McCann and Heyward in Atlanta, Votto in Cincinnati, Ike Davis in New York, and Dunn in Washington. Even the Pirates lone slugger Garrett Jones is a lefty. Only the Cubs, Cards, and Marlins have righty-heavy power. Having a couple lefties in the rotation hasn’t hurt the Padres when facing teams with dangerous lefty sluggers.

  4. When will the 2010 Padres beat the Dogs??? Just had to say it …

    BP thinks the Padres trade of Peavy >> Dbacks trade of Haren …


    … ya think??? Oh ya!